Herd Immunity For Kansas City Denied

The coronavirus plague is here forever claim some pessimistic local docs . . . Read more:

Kansas City health experts say it's unlikely our communities reach herd immunity

As new coronavirus vaccination numbers drop, local health experts are concerned.Doctors with the University of Kansas Health System say it's unlikely our communities reach herd immunity - unless more people get their shots.


  1. Anyone else find it disturbing we are part of a herd now ?

  2. Herd immunity was always a fantasy. As a scientific concept it is much more nuanced than all the media rubes could ever hope to convey.

  3. Please stop using the term 'experts'.

  4. China busy working on the next plaque standby

  5. Covid-19 was a test run.

  6. There is no way they can keep this up for the 2022 midterms, that’s all this is about, resident houseplant is trying his damndest to keep it alive but it’s not working.

    Texas and Florida have proved the dimwit party is full of lies, the dimwits are sacrificing their citizens for their obsessed need for more power and these dimwit cities, run by idiotic and childish mayors are too stupid to realize it.

    Here’s lookin at you lickass and wrecks, you two are the parties favorite kind of people, useful idiots.

  7. 10:54am has the right idea.
    The herd in KCMO that regularly elects incompetent people to city office and then follows them over the cliff with one balmy idea after another is a self-destructive herd that can be seen about every day.
    Actually, it's not a herd.
    Unless that's what a gang of lemmings is called.
    Any Lucas ponderous announcements or selfies today?
    Every day at 12th and oak is anther "children's hour".

  8. when the polio vaccine came out everyone got it. They did not want to end up handicapped for life.

    Now people wont get the coronavirus vaccine and risk death. Stupidity!

    1. Except that the vaccines do have real and significant problems. Killing people once in a while is a pretty serious issue for something that is supposed to keep you healthy.

  9. What's the concern, it's not like big pharma, the media, and the gov have never lied to you before.

  10. Those who get the virus and flues each year are vitamin D deficit.

  11. They literally changed the definition of herd immunity. Also, a vaccine released during a pandemic ensures only more deadly variants. this would have been all done with if in the beginning everyone would have acted normal and not mandated masks and shut down businesses. People would be less scared and have a better perspective


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