Guv. Parson Cancels COVID Work From Home

The Guv is pushing a return to normal despite news & public health leader protestation. Check his power move declaration and direction of state workers . . . Read more:

Gov. Parson directs state workers to go back to the office

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has directed all state employees to return to in-person work in the office by May 17, after many spent most of the past 14 months working remotely. Parson's order, announced Wednesday, also requires that all state buildings be open and accessible to the public during normal business hours.


  1. But they can still work in their pajamas, right Gov?

  2. 'bout effin' time. They've enjoyed this ridiculous full-paid time off way too long.

  3. Mike Parsons has skated through life as if he were born with a silver spoon. People are just as productive at home conference calling. The 19th Century management experiment is done, put a fork in it Sheriff.


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