First Lady Dr. Jill Biden's Kansas City Visit Offers COVID Vaxx Freebies

Kansas City celebrated a visit today from the 1st lady, sadly she didn't wear one of her racy outfits or her fishnets. Instead she offered locals more resources to continue fighting the COVID plague.

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Kansas City gives first lady Jill Biden 'Royal' treatment after meeting emergency responders

KANSAS City, Mo. - First lady Jill Biden spent the afternoon in Kansas City touring a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Metropolitan Community College's Penn Valley Campus. She flew into the Charles Wheeler Downtown Airport where she was greeted by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, and a group of Kansas City firefighters.

First Lady Jill Biden visits COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Metropolitan Community College

First Lady Jill Biden was in Kansas City on Thursday to "highlight the partnership between federal retail pharmacy partners and community colleges."Biden visited Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City, Missouri.The first lady's visit follows the president's announcement about launching additional efforts to get America vaccinated and meet his goal for 70% of the U.S.

To Boost Vaccinations In Kansas City, First Lady Jill Biden Hands Out Vouchers For A Free College Class

First Lady Jill Biden visited Kansas City, Missouri, Thursday to encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Accompanied by U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver and Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, Biden visited the Penn Valley campus of Metropolitan Community College and handed out vouchers for a free class for anyone who got the shot.

Jill Biden visiting Kansas City Metropolitan Community College today

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - First Lady Jill Biden is flying into Kansas City and visiting a community college in Midtown as a part of a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination tour. Biden is flying into the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport this afternoon and then traveling to Metropolitan Community College's Penn Valley campus.