Double Back: About TKC Comments Part Deux

The evolution of this blog continues and this time we're challenging our reader community . . .  

Can you be clever enough to make a point, share a thought or offer an insight without being a douche???

Sadly, for most constant TKC commenters (Mean Girls), the answer is no. 

But for YEARS the TKC comments sucked but the hope to foster a "free speech zone" pushed us forward. 

This decision was realized after a bit of soul searching, self evaluation and an honest question: Did I really want to spend $24 a month so a bunch of randos can argue with each other all day??? 

Today you have your answer.

Again, the comments basically just sucked with a few bright spots but mostly garbage. 

Finally we tried to switch to Disqus but found out most of the trolls just found their way around pre-moderation systems and spent their entire day browbeating one another . . . It wasn't really "free speech" and really just resembled something nastier than the scrawling on a truck stop restroom.

Still . . . Moderation is controversial and GOP leaders are pushing back against big tech to make sure their voices are heard online.

Florida governor signs ban on 'deplatforming' by tech companies

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed a law that gives the state the power to penalize social media companies when they ban political candidates, escalating a fight between the tech industry and Republicans such as DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.

However, obviously, TKC isn't big tech. 

This is a side hustle at best and basically just a blog of a dude who lives in his mom's basement and happens to know more than most about local politics. 

Let's be honest, we're not saving the manatees here at TKC. 

We do regret that some of the comments aren't archived on TKC. For those who want to admire old Internets comments . . . They can STILL be found on the Disqus page.

However . . .

This is just a blog. Not a newspaper and certainly not a social media revolution. 

And the fact is . . . Thinking about it . . . Curating comments is actually a lot like blogging and finding interesting stories to share . . . The practice admits that most of the stuff out there is garbage but there are always a few gems worth highlighting . . . From both conservative & progressive perspectives. That's what we want to try for at least a couple of weeks. 

Also, for many of our readers, Disqus was too cumbersome. Most just wanted to type a comment and send it away without having to register with a new system . . .  

TKC likes the idea of the comments working more like a "letter to the editor" rather than a forum - Of which there are COUNTLESS OTHER OPTIONS ONLINE!!!

However, for a few hours a day the comments will be 'open' for our close, close readers who crave instant gratification.

Ewwwww . . . 

More on that later . . .

As always, the threat/reaction from angry trolls is that readership will dwindle with comment moderation. 

We know for a fact that's not correct given that most people don't bother with comments . . . And those who do can always come back in order to check and see if their clever retort made the cut. Moreover, as we get ready to take a job at Walmart, TKC believes that checking for new comments might be a fun distraction on toilet breaks. TMI???

Again, this is simply another experiment so try not to get panties in a twist . . . And more importantly, use a nickname, strive to entertain and be clever with your comments!!!

Developing . . .


  1. I don't like change.

    I've been routinely wearing tee-shirts for most of my life. In the warm months, sometimes a tee-shirt will suffice by itself, and in the Fall and Winter it's a nice under-layer to keep you comfortable as the temperature gets colder.
    For the life of me I can't understand why some people (Floridians?) think it's acceptable to stand by and do nothing while the manatees are slowly becoming extinct. Since I recently became aware of this crisis I've stockpiled a supply of tees to avoid the looming shortages and price gouging that will inevitably occur.

  3. Most of your commenters are low-life creeps. I love that you are limiting their comments. Thank you so much!

  4. I'll just go back to using your Facebook page post to comment on, the trolls stay off there.

  5. Footlocker Is Scared Of Matterdaddy5/25/21, 9:59 AM

    Oh anonymous comments how I didn't miss you. Now we can't tell how often Matterdaddy/Chimpy supports his own fake comments. I think we all saw with Disqus that Matter/Chimpy was definitely in the minority.

  6. I love change.
    That's why I am transitioning to half girl/half Manatee.
    My pronouns are "but" and "or".

  7. Thisle chops5/25/21, 10:30 AM

    Pick a format and stick with it!

  8. Good stuff all around. More titays please.

  9. If it's "just a blog", pick the cheapest, easiest system for you, but allow free commentary from all. The reader can moderate to taste, dismiss what they don't like, and yes, their feelings will recover from any atrocities.

  10. Hi guys. What has the boy blunder been doing this week? Oh, right. Defunding the police force by $40 million and making more enemies in Jeff City. Makes a person proud of KC, doesn’t it?

  11. tony tries to keep the digital piazza clean and cleared out of raving lunatics but with mixed results

    must be endless sifting to moderate comments. there are a handful of trolls who definitely chase away those who might have something to say.

  12. good decision!

  13. @1:47 pretty much nails it.


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