Dollar Store COVID Comeback Despite Kansas City, Kansas Prohibition

Not so fun fact, the Dollar Store was banned in KCK pre-COVID.

"In March 2016, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County, Kansas City’s regional planning commission, passed a dollar store dispersal policy prompted by community concerns about the growth of chain discount stores and lack of access to healthy food. In response to legal concerns about an administrative error in the policy’s passage and new evidence in support of the local government’s authority to promote access to fresh food and regulate dollar stores, the commission voted unanimously to enact an updated version of the ordinance in February 2019."

Like it or not, the Dollar Store stays winning amid pandemic harsh times . . .

KMBC: Dollar stores make up almost half of all new stores opening this year

Accordingly, here's a peek at the impact amid the plague . . .

Economics in Brief: Dollar Stores Make Up Nearly Half of All New Store Openings This Year

About 45% of the 3,500 reported retail openings this year are Dollar General, Dollar Tree or Family Dollar, according to CNN. Dollar store openings had been on the rise even before the pandemic, but economic fallout over the last year has exacerbated wealth inequality.


  1. Who ever is behind these stores is pretty smart. The only bad thing is Family Dollar and Dollar Tree have started to combine their stores and it's not going over well. It's sort of a bait and switch. Better to find a Dollar Tree on it's own without being mixed together with Family Dollar. Family Dollar is not that great or cheaper.

  2. Representative Fart and Swallow-well5/8/21, 11:07 AM

    Whatever!!!!!!!!!!!! Chairman Joe's printing presses have already added $35,000 to the cost of a new home. Wood, paper, gasoline, oil and many more items have already begun a steep pricing increase. Dollar stores won't be a dollar much longer, but will start to look much better, even to the stupids who voted these commies in. Chimpster doesn't see this from momma's basement, but the rest of the stupids should do a little research to see what their winning the election is going to cost their sjw asses.

  3. ^^^^It looks like the all caps guy finally learned how to work his keyboard. There simply can't be two people on this blog who are so stupid and out of sorts simply because their oatmeal is late.

  4. Getting ready for the financial disaster Biden is guiding us due to his historic give a ways. The Federal government money will run out and the Family Dollar Store will be the biggest retailer in the country - even bigger than Walmart

  5. Hunter Bidet5/8/21, 4:17 PM

    11:39 Quit posting. Your ignorance of everything is no excuse for stupid commentary. Time for your fat flea snack at momma's tree.


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