COVID Mask Debate Hits The Dotte

Kansas City, Kansas is a major metro holdout in unmasking following new CDC guidance.

The decision has sparked both outcry and support whilst locals will have to wait another week to see if the Unified Government has a change of heart.

Until then, check the damage . . .

Pandemic Patience Required

Kansas City mask mandates: Viewers share fiery and functional plans for face coverings

We've been wearing them for a year, now many metro counties, cities, and businesses are rolling back mask mandates. The decisions poured in after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided to ease mask-wearing guidelines for fully vaccinated people last week.

Barbershop Ranting Reported

Wyandotte County residents share mixed opinions on masking

Wyandotte County is the only metro county where masks are still required. Leaders were split in rescinding the order Monday. "It's frustrating because you get 10 different opinions ya know?" said Phil Potter, owner of The Dotte Barber Shop.

Developing . . .