Clay Chastain Demands Legal Debate With Mayor Q And City Hall

This morning we keep up to date with this town's most prolific activist and his ongoing fight against 12th & Oak that's already looking toward election season.

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Clay Chastain: Why is the leftist City, Mayor Lucas and its lead Attorney maneuvering to avoid oral arguments (and a face to face showdown with activist Clay Chastain) in United States District Court?

Answer... The City is afraid to emerge from its ramparts and fight Clay in an open public arena because it fears Clay's savviness, charisma and thunderous legal punches will be too much for it.  For sometime, City Hall has enjoyed committing covert acts of misbehavior (with impunity) against the public interest. The City has acted this way because there is no professional-acting media left in KC to keep it honest and because it has a vast legal department on hand to abet it.

But a new day may be dawning if Clay prevails in the federal court arena.  Clay will then seek to get voter approval of his petition proposal to improve transit and revitalize Kansas City. If successful, that triumph will beget more triumphs. Clay will return to KC and run for Mayor (and really try this time). He will oust dishonorable-acting liberal Mayor Lucas (who also has little life's experience, vision or leadership skills to fix KC). Concurrently, Clay will form a 12-member conservative slate of Council candidates to oust current members from their liberal perch and win back City Hall for the people. KC's new conservative, able and honest open government will then reinstate fiscal responsibility, return safety to our streets, fix what needs to be fixed and employ an innovative vision to power a new era of population growth, economic equality and prosperity for Kansas City.

If held, come to the oral arguments in the United States District Court (@ KC) and watch Kansas City's prodigal son make a repentant return to win back Kansas City for the people.


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