Blue Valley School Board Meeting Shuts Out Parents Against Masks As Mandate Persists

Just as our blog community suspected . . . A suburban public meeting cancelled over "safety" threats inspires controversy and allegations that elected officials want to silence their constituents.

Money line . . .

“The meeting was moved virtually because of safety concerns. They relate to threats we have viewed or have received that were threatening in nature,” Blue Valley School Board President Amy Tysseling explained at the start of the meeting.

Outside on the building’s front lawn, about 50 parents gathered who had planned to speak inside the meeting about masks.

“There are a lot of us, and they canceled the meeting on us because they don’t want to face us,” said a Blue Valley mom of six.

The aftermath of the semi-closed meeting . . .

KMBC: Blue Valley Schools mask mandate remains, despite objections

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Parents against masks gather outside as Blue Valley board meeting goes virtual, citing safety concerns

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Blue Valley's school board met virtually Monday due to threats the district reportedly received. The district announced the change earlier in the day. "The meeting was moved virtually because of safety concerns.