AirBnB Crackdown In Overland Park???

Gunfire in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood sparks the threat of tech rebuke and also reminds us that Summer party season should be fun in metro suburbs that haven't caught on to the consequences of new disruptive tech innovation.

Check-it . . .

Overland Park neighborhood concerned after house party ends in gunfire

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) -- An Overland Park neighborhood has concerns over the rising popularity of short-term rentals. That new concern arose after gunfire erupted Saturday at a party inside a house on 151st Street being rented out through popular apps. Now, police are still investigating what exactly happened.


  1. Just some urban scholars trying to relax before their final exams.

  2. Johnson County is quickly turning into Raytown. Sad.

  3. Changes being made just in the nick of time!
    Lucas was reviewing lists of rentals to send his homeless union buddies to,
    Good job, OP!

  4. Keep the street apes south of the river. They ain't welcome in the northland.

  5. Raytown is annexing the area around Shawnee Mission West.


  6. Can't blame the residents this air b&b crap needs to stop. B&B's were a good thing when it started and people stayed in the house with the owners but it's out of hand now and needs to take place in a commercial area. The only place I would agree with for this kind of activity is Central Hyde Park those residents over there are hookers, drug lords, and thieves.


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