Witness Kansas City 'Stop Asian Hate' Rally

Kansas City public TV recently posted an artsy movie recap of a local rally against hateration.

Accordingly, we share political context that offers a glimpse at the Asian community quickly overtaking Latinos as the top minority political force in the US. 

A few headline examples of this 'new normal' emerging after the pandemic . . .

538: Why The Recent Violence Against Asian Americans May Solidify Their Support Of Democrats

NY Times: Amid Awakening, Asian-Americans Are Still Taking Shape as a Political Force

WaPo: Asian Americans wield their political power for more representation in Washington

Accordingly, here's local public TV coverage that offers a glimpse at the progressive local perspective:

Kansas City’s Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Makes Itself Heard

Finally, a glimpse at the artsy promo clip that I think they're trying to hide from this blog community even though there's strong support among our readership for Asian pride . . .

Developing . . .


  1. Good for them!

  2. So let me get this right -- the political party known for going easy on crime and for letting violent criminals out of jail almost as soon as they go in is going to get the support of Asian Americans who are increasingly victims of the thugs being let out of the Demoncrap's revolving prison doors? I don't think so.

  3. I like fucking young Asian women.

  4. ^^^^Worthless Comment @11:03

  5. ^^^worthless comment @11:17

  6. 11:10 Is the Worthless Comment.. @11:03 is right on the target of TRUTH!

  7. What racial group is committing all these hate crimes?

  8. And yet 11:03 is full of shit. Weird.

  9. 11:35am is asking the really important question.
    And even the media videos showing these attacks can't hide the fact that most of the assaults are by black people.
    So the narrative is getting bit complicated as to who are the victims and who are the perpetrators.
    Hard-working Asian-American families making a go of their businesses in areas that the media likes to call "food deserts" b
    being assaulted by the very folks who they're trying to serve.

  10. The racial quota at universities....promoted by liberals , suppress Asian admissions.
    Liberals are so full of shit everyone sees it, except for Liberals themselves.

  11. The two Black girls who killed the Asian Uber Eats driver aren’t getting any jail time. #StopAsianHate, you’re doing it wrong.

  12. 99.999% of crime against Asians is committed by blacks, but yeah, let’s align ourselves with the racist Democraps who promote and applaud the burn loot murder gang. I can’t even anymore.

  13. 11:17 has TDS. You know you're hitting all cylinders on the truth when he exhibits his TDS symptons. Poor soul. Needs the help of a psychiatrist immediately.

  14. According to the data compiled by the KCPD, of all 176 KCMO homicides occurring in 2020, ZERO homicide suspects were Asian.

    On the other extreme, 77% of identified homicide suspects were Black.

    Every year in KCMO, there is a HATE CRIME epidemic of homicide that takes place with regularity. One very specific demographic, identified annually in the official statistics, accounts for the overwhelming majority of both victims and suspects.

    Mayor Lucas and the KCMO Council don't want to talk about it.
    Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker sees the statistics every day of the year, but is afraid to focus on it, because she has political ambitions and would rather pander to her base.
    The Kansas City Star will continue with their head-in-the-sand approach and apologize decades later for their malfeasance.
    KCUR claims it's the "Kansas City way" and everything's Up-To-Date over in Kansas.
    KC PBS says they were aware of the issue, but didn't want to start a Ruckus.
    KSHB reports that they thought it more impactful to promote the BLM movement and Black History Month, than highlight recent deaths.

    FACT: There is a clear correlation between the attitudes and actions of political/social/media leadership in a community and the quality of life fostered in the community.

  15. Asian Americans are much smarter than any Democrat and can smell their BS from a mile away.

  16. Now if Trump has said "Asian" flu then maybe the Democrats could say he is being racist.

    However, Trump rightly called corona virus the "China Virus" as that is where it originated.

    Now if Woodrow Wilson has said "European" flu then maybe the Democrats could say he is being racist.

    However, Woodrow right called the Spanish Flu the "Spanish Flu" as that is where it originated.

    By the was Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Filipino's who all are Asian do not like China.

    Lumping all Asians together as Chinese like the Democrat Party does is actually very racist on the Democrats part.

    But then again, the Democrat Party brought slavery and the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws to the United States. That is why Joe Biden likes to laugh about the Jim Crow laws as he supported them early in his political career.

  17. ^^^Actually the Spanish flu did not originate in Spain. By rights it should have been called the "Fort Riley flu" or better yet, the "Kansas flu."

  18. Ironically the people with the majority of power right now ( BLM ) are also "fighting " for the ones responsible for the majority of problems.


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