USDA Jobs Staying In Kansas City

Quick update to hard fought local economic progress that earned bipartisan support.

What's worse is that locals who only watch cable TV garbage news were more than willing to advocate against Kansas City in order to rebuke the decision made by the Prez Trump administration.

Check the important bit of support from the current Ag Sec . . .

Transplanted USDA agencies will stay in Kansas City, says Vilsack

Despite complaints the Trump administration needlessly uprooted them, two USDA research agencies will stay in Kansas City rather than return to the D.C. area, said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Monday. "What we're trying to do is limit the level of disruption" and rebuild a workforce decimated by the abrupt relocation carried out in 14 months, he said.


  1. Give bidumb some time to print some money to move them in the future, he’s spent 40 trillion dollars already and the Green Party has their wish list to get more money now, his dumbass will move them, it’s just a matter of time till he does.

  2. The move was one of Trump's decent ideas, though executed poorly. It makes sense for USDA research agencies to be located much closer to the heart of agricultural production than DC, but compressing such a large move of so many people within a year was nothing more than petty politics.

  3. Of course the USDA office is staying in KCMO.
    It's a flyover country cow town of the first order.
    All that's been missing is town the downtown cattle drive.
    And now the herd could be rounded up by THE streetcar.


  4. Roast Beef is $4.99 a pound because of these fat fucking lazy ass USDA guys and their big fat pensions; retiring at age 50 on the taxpayer dime.


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