TKC Warning: Kansas City Activist 'Alternative To Police' Meme Might Not Work

Many Americans fear that a historic jury decision to lock up a former police officer after a horrific killing won't mitigate racially charged discord, violence and partisan animosity which continues to plague the nation. 

This headline and report sums up the continued debate: 

AP: 1 verdict, then 6 police killings across America in 24 hours

And so the crisis continues to play out amongst local social media activists who recently shared a sketchy proposition with locals. 

Here's the sitch . . .

This week an interesting meme circulated among our progressive friends in Brookside . . . A listing of Kansas City alternatives to calling the police earned quite a few likes, shares and glowing endorsements. 

However . . . 


A quick survey of the resources noted reveals no less than three defunct organizations. 

There's also a protest group highlighted that's really effective at making cool signs and t-shirts but their services are confined to loud demonstrations, camp outs and repeated demands for free rent. 

More to the point . .  The vast majority of these groups don't answer the phone at 3AM.

Don't get it twisted, TKC loves locals sharing information and resources . . . And I certainly don't want people calling me for help. But the info offered won't really assist anyone searching for a true "alternative" to police.

Sadly, even one of the boldest American civil rights leaders has shared skepticism regarding some of the most progressive efforts targeting po-po. 

MSNBC's Sharpton: Defunding police 'something a latte liberal may go for'

Nevertheless . . .

Confrontation with law enforcement seems to be at the forefront of the American cultural zeitgeist in what is already an exceptionally violent year. Here's another example out of many . . .

ESPN: LeBron James explains why he deleted tweet on police shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant

And so . . .

The surprisingly popular local meme is merely one component of the persistent movement to abolish/defund police that has been largely rejected by most voters but continues to earn consideration from younger protesters and activists.

You decide . . .


  1. I called 911.

    They kept me waiting for 20 minutes and my pizza was cold when it got here.


  2. Kansas City should try alternative policing so that the rest of us can laugh at them when it fails.

  3. Ok, Al Sharpton. Totally expected from a police informant.

  4. When there's a serial killer, rapist, or violent criminal breaking down your door, try calling one of those alternative numbers instead of 911
    and see how that works out for you.

  5. How about listing some behaviors other than dysfunctional, anti-social, lacking in respect for yourself and others, counter-productive, and self-destructive.
    Surely there must be other ways to behave.
    And don't forget violence, rape, robbery, burglary, murder. People might want to try alternatives to those too.
    Also resisting arrest, running from the police, and firing a weapon at law enforcement all tend to be frowned on.
    It's really easy to make a list of alternatives.
    Just look around and see how the great majority of people behave.

  6. I am 911. I call the imitator for cleanup afterward.

  7. MAGA is alternative to the Klan and they have destroyed the Republican Party. Sad.

  8. BLM is the black Kriminal Klan.

  9. If they don't want the police shooting black criminals there are many others that will do it.

  10. I just fixed a door on an empty house the cops kicked in. Turns out cops like tearing up shit.

  11. They better call 911 on all the blacks beating Asian Americans in New York City. The Asian gangs there aren't going to play nice.

  12. The Demoncraps are the political party that started the KKK. They are the party of Jim Crow laws.

  13. Who is the biggest threat to civilization? I think we all know the answer to that.

  14. Any advertising depicting a closed fist is an immediate turnoff. It’s even worse when it’s a rainbow or black fist. Fuck all violent, mentally ill leftists and your soon to be extinct entitled existences. You are loathed and despised by over half the population and you will pay for the misery and destruction you have wrought over the years. We’ve had enough.

  15. When is Biden/Harris going to start a national campaign called "Black Fathers Be Fathers" campaign to try to get more black men to stay with their children and their children's mother? That would do a lot more good for blacks than all of this race-baiting bullsh*t and blowing statistics about the police way out of context. It's causing black men to resist arrest and get killed in the process. Nothing good happens when you resist a police officer's commands. Nothing.

  16. I saw a black guy driving around my KCMO neighborhood today with temporary tags that expired middle of February. What are the odds he has valid insurance? How does this make the roads safer?


    LGBT 911: How may I help you?

    Citizen: I got attacked, they stole my money, choked me, and I think I'm
    having a stroke!

    LGBT 911: Are you lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or a person of color?

    Citizen: No

    LGBT 911: Sorry, but I have no use for you!!!

  18. Pay attention to what else is going on instead of what the race baiting left is spewing. A new lab for testing more viruses is moving from an island in New York to Manhattan, Kansas. Obummer's picture is adorning one of the hallways. Look it up. A new pandemic to kill the beef industry?

  19. It's now LGBTQIA2S+?? What's IA2S? I aim to sodomize?

  20. It's now LGBTQIA2S+?? What's IA2S? I aim to sodomize?

  21. I vote for the LMNOP community.... :-) :-)

  22. Pfft. Let them call alternatives. More police will be available for the part of society who don't break laws, comply with police, and don't try to shoot their way out of uncomfortable situations.

  23. I called 1-800-CHUCKLOWE and a guy in a RAM pickup came over and peed in my bushes.

    1. 10:37 mentally deranged. Most likely on some kind of state welfare.

  24. OMG, WOW, bootlicker are gonna lick boots when the truth is working people behave very well when left to the responsibility of social order.

  25. Please take your liberal dysfunction and by all means call the LGBT-BLT-"give-me-a-needle-exchange-program" hotline. Just stay the hell out of my upper-class, lily white neighborhood where we have huge homes, amazing wealth, a well-respected police force, no crime, no homeless camps, and no problems.


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