Thursday, April 22, 2021


Countless hours of meetings, police community outreach and gestures of goodwill have been rebuked by Kansas City activist leaders today.

Here's the money line from a statement released just moments ago . . .

"We will not take part in performative politics. We are justice seekers, not order keepers. State-sanctioned violence via the KCPD, a publicly funded institution, is being inflicted upon our community with impunity. The KCPD, under the leadership of Chief Rick Smith remains a racist institution, both systemically and structurally. Smith’s leadership fosters a white supremacist culture that breeds violence, engages in archaic over-policing, and blatantly disregards the humanity of Black people. We will not back down and we will not be silent amid such."

The group is comprised of some militant factions along with more traditional and longtime activists . . .

"Black Rainbow, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Kansas City, National Black United Front - Kansas City, Operation Liberation, the Urban League of Greater Kansas City and Urban Summit of Kansas City released a copy of a letter they submitted to Mayor Quinton Lucas and Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker."

There are many demands in their letter but this one stands out:

"Creating a transformative and strategic reparations plan for the families of those who have been killed by KCPD"

That's a bold step and a move that hasn't gained traction in the mainstream media or in many other Midwest urban areas. 

Accordingly, just as TKC skeptic readers predicted . . . The "appeasement" overtures from local law enforcement haven't seemed to quell criticism and neither the mayor nor the KCPD chief have garnered cooperation from KCMO activist leaders.

Check the links . . .

KSHB: Kansas City-area organizations continue call for defunding of police, KCPD chief resignation

KMBC: Ex-KCPD officer hired by prosecutor will investigate reports of excessive use of force

Fox4: Mayors from across the US, including Kansas City, pushing for gun control

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Can we get a REAL recall effort against mayor lucas?

Anonymous said...


Interesting but no.

I think a lot of voters would be happy to see both go. It's a shame that all that work was all for naught.

Dex said...

Great letter. The groups have wonderful writing skills. But is ANYBODY going to do anything about the murder rate? Last I checked it was still higher than last year and keeps getting worse. Imagine if all of these people tried fixing the city's biggest problem instead of just arguing with each other.

Anonymous said...

WOW! That statement is the biggest pile of Crap I have seen in a long time. The majority of people living east of Troost are begging for more police presence because the black people under thirty are the dregs of society and the biggest cause of crime, especially murder in America and the black community. The adults in the black community do not agree with the BLM organization and the rioters and looters causing problems. The adults have no problems with the white community. They want to live their lives and be decent people. Some have done very well in union jobs and have pensions and social security. They don't look for trouble and they are fine people. But the younger generation believe the democrat BS and that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

total bullshit

Anonymous said...

Of course the demands have to continue despite any reform, and get louder even. These organizations need to have a reason for existing, the alternative is a lot of self important people without a forum. The KCPD's announcement of 100% body camera adoption is a bad development for them. The stats say that for every "bad" cop captured on video by them, 7-10 officers will be exonerated. The teen in Columbus is a great example. The activists jumped the gun, and then lost a talking point when the body cam showed the girl in the act of swinging a large knife when she was shot.

Anonymous said...

Defund the east side.

Anonymous said...

See I told ya. It's never going to be enough for these people they just want to fight. If you got rid of the top cop and paid back reparations which they have been getting for years now it still wouldn't be enough they will find something else. I say the black people who killed all of the cops around our country need to pay those families. After all they were killed protecting the black people and their riots. One sided selfish and racist people they are. I would really like to ask Lincoln what he was thinking when he didn't send them back.

Bri said...

I work with responsible and nice black people. These people don't subscribe to BLM. They don't require domestic terrorism in order to try to force their ways onto a society that would accept them as long as they are willing to contribute to it. They contribute to it gladly as all the rest of us who are civilized do.

Anonymous said...

7:02 +100000000

That’s the only reason they’re complaining, they feel like they should be getting more money and the police dept is in their way, these asshats could care less about anything else.

Over 8600 koloreds were victims of black on black murder last year in America and the two legal shootings the police dept had are the problem. Mayor mcracist better get control of these thugs or a recall will happen. I guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who didn’t see this coming is 6’ under. Mob rule.

Anonymous said...

I personally want the meanest, bad a$$ed cops patrolling the dangerous communities of KCMO. I want them with veins, sinew and flesh in their teeth at the end of each shift. Cop cams should play like a MMA ground and pound video with only a greasy spot left on the pavement. I don't want just the few obligatory bad apples on the force, I am good with the whole barrel to be so rotten the maggots puke themselves. When they encounter the mostly peaceful rioters, I want jack booted police force to throw rocks, bricks, bottles, barricades, rioters and anthing else they can get their hands on at these numnuts. Also the use of clubs, bats, gas, tasers, attack dogs, bullets and tire irons are not only acceptable but encouraged at all opportunities against highway blockers, loud speakers, cell phone cameras, looters, litterers, loiterers and those who disobey commands or are not courteous and polite.

New rule: After any kind of chase, cops get 5 minutes, cameras off to beat criminals a$$ to deter future conduct and for the cops to get the adrenaline out of their systems.

Obey the law, work a job and stay out of the way of the police.
John Q.

Anonymous said...

Their goal is to harass Chief Smith out of office. But what they don't know is Chief Smith is to a small degree part Native American. Native Americans don't take kindly to bullying and will stubbornly stay in place to show the bullies their methods won't work.

Anonymous said...

This is the easily predictable legacy of Lucas's cowardice and pandering to these self-appointed irresponsible "activists".
And he'll be living with the ever-increasing "demands" for the rest of his time in office.
If the "activists'" demands were ever met, the red lights on the TV cameras go off, the local clueless "reporters" don't contact them, and their claim to notoriety and celebrity disappears.
Their worst nightmare!
Many of the above comments are right on the money, particularly about the attitudes of regular hard-working folks in the black community who want nothing more than safe neighborhoods and goo education for themselves and their children.
That's who the police are working to protect.
Lucas, Peters-Baker, and the other panderers need to pay attention to and get serious about public safety in KCMO instead of pandering to the "activists" and thugs destroying east side neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

It's about time for all these people to just sit down and SHUT THE FUCK UP

Anonymous said...

Who, the chucklowes? I agree. They're morons!

Anonymous said...

Support the Chief and police officers. Get rid of the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Defund the east side and recall the negroes.

Anonymous said...


Black Rainbow
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Colored? really?)
The Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Kansas City
National Black United Front - Kansas City
Operation Liberation
The Urban League of Greater Kansas City
Urban Summit of Kansas City
Mayor Quinton Lucas
Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker

All of the above agree that:
Black people are FOREVER VICTIMS.
Black people are incapable of caring for themselves.
Black people cannot be expected to obey our laws and live within a civil society.
Black people are uneducable and untrainable, and cannot be expected to sustain employment to live independently.
Black people are inherently prone to violence and require special leniency for violations of the criminal code.
Black people have a higher incidence of homosexuality/transgenderism and need special accommodations for their minority status.
Black people abuse alcohol and drugs at a higher rate than other races.
Black people commit most of the homicides in KCMO, but it's unfair to blame them.
Many successful Black men choose to marry outside their race, abandoning Black women.

% of adults ages 25 and older with high school diploma or more education
White 95%, Asian 92%, Black 90%, Latino 74%

% of adults ages 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree or more education
Asian 62%, White 41%, Black 28%, Latino 21%

% of adults ages 18 and older who are married
Asian 64%, White 58%, Latino 47%, Black 33%

% of population living in poverty
Asian 7%, White 7%, Latino 16%, Black 19%

% of births to unmarried mothers (Native non-immigrant resident)
Asian 27%, White 30%, Latino 57%, Black 77%


Anonymous said...

And why do you suppose that is, li'l chucklowe? Got any bright ideas?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is a racist for abandoning black women, Kamala is a racist to for abandoning black men.

Anonymous said...

Northland secedes from Mogadishu sister city KCMO.

Anonymous said...

9:34 you never have any.

Anonymous said...

One of these groups is led by a man in a dress. These are not serious groups.

Anonymous said...

Let's start by creating a transformative and strategic reparations plan for the families of those who have been killed, injured or robbed by black criminals.

DramavilleKC said...

I also would like to hear from the actual residents of the hood to ask what they want. Something tells me, it involves more police.

Anonymous said...

Wtf? Do you sit in your patrol car all day and talk shit on TKC comment section?

Anonymous said...

@ 7:04 PM - I have something to add, you are right, but if these grifters get reparations then you have to give the white and Latinx communities something too. That includes getting rid of all laws that have given special considerations in employment, schools including HBSU's, government jobs, court case and everything else to the black community. Then if they get reparations they should shut the F up about inequality. Maybe then they will find out how good they have had it, almost as good as congressmen that wrote all these WOKE legislations, for generations that they have reaped the rewards from and done nothing on their own to deserve them except be black.

Anonymous said...

Certain people are lazy and really don't like to work. They will do anything to avoid working if they can.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is worthless. The crime in this city is through the roof.