With former Prez Trump safely removed from the White House and social media feeds, local "enthusiasm" for Democracy suffered a dramatic decline if last night's election returns are any indication of voter commitment.

Local journalists are content to gloss over the vote . . . However, many TKC readers contend that the paltry numbers deserve a bit more consideration.

Here's a very simple formula for how KC metro pollsters calculated the voter turnout drop-off of about 83% . . .

In the 2020 November vote: Jackson, Platte, Clay & KCMO election boards boasted around 60% turnout. Last night those very same election authorities reported anywhere from 8 to 10 percent of registered voters casting a ballot. 

Reality check: Most polling places were horrific ghost towns and we'd dare to guess that the majority of people occupying the territory were paid for their participation.

Accordingly . . . 


As always, we're open to more suggestions but most locals simply aren't curious about the behind the scenes moves that will dictate the future for city hall coffers and local schools.


Dr. Cokethea Hill & Blaque Spark Radical Kansas City School Board Change

Dr. Hill is the architect of one of the most successful school board power plays we've seen in more than a decade. Her ticket earned a surprising sweep and now she's the leader in the upcoming contest to replace termed-out 5th District Councilman Lee Barnes.

Mayor Q Declares E-Tax Victory An Endorsement Of His Administration

Without acknowledging that there was no organized opposition to the tax . . . Today the mayor proudly visited with local media in order to champion his agenda and continued social justice reforms that take quite an EPIC chunk out of KCMO's largest single revenue source.

Election Dark Money Rules Kansas City

School board voting was powered by nonprofit groups who are not required to disclose their funding sources. The "dark money" paid for a nearly endless supply of social media messages and helped with mobilization efforts. The perfectly legal strategy is often lamented when right-wing conservatives use the tactic. HOWEVER, local media ignored progressives and urban communities now utilizing this formerly controversial strategy.


School Board Member Manny Abarca, Latino Students And Families Destined To Suffer Under Rule Of Blaque

Mr. Abarca won an uncontested election this week but his volunteer school board career will be seriously hampered by new election power players. Already his political opponents have visited his home without invitation in order to "discuss" political disagreements — Complaints and concern about threatening behavior voiced by Mr. Abarca were universally denounced as racist by local activists from throughout Kansas City. 

Make no mistake, Blaque will make Mr. Abarca pay for his opposition and the growing population of Latino students in Kansas City Public Schools will suffer the same fate.

Kansas City E-Tax Renewal Reveals Hatred Of Johnson County Commuters

The campaign rhetoric pitted the urban core against the suburbs. Some of our readers contend: KC wants JoCo to pay the bills. Overall this isn't such a ridiculous position given that local stadiums are packed with our Golden Ghetto neighbors despite urban subsidy. Still, the idea of "regionalism" has always been a sham and the E-tax vote elucidates worsening metro economic rivalry. 

EPIC $282K Salary Bump For Dr. Mark Bedell Lost Votes & Will Cost Him His Job

Don't get it twisted, we give a great deal of credit to the activists from Blaque for their upstart campaign. They wisely exploited an egregious salary spike for the superintendent.  Word of the EPIC payout inspired voters from a vast cross-section of Kansas City to reconsider support of pro-public leaders and question the glacial pace of full accreditation. 

Dr. Bedell will be out of a job soon. 

Leadership switcheroos and political intrigue are just the beginning of the changes coming to Kansas City Public Schools.

Meanwhile . . .

KCMO abandoning Democracy and overlooking crucial decisions doesn't bode well for the future of this cowtown and the destiny of the electorate at the outset of the Biden Presidency.

Developing . . .


  1. Voting might not be the smartest thing for voters to do at this point.

    Maybe looking up U-haul prices would be far more productive.


  2. Ever since Jack Nicholson plunged that axe into Scatman Crother's skull, everything has gone to hell in a hand basket.

  3. Why is Dr. Cokethea Hill wearing her dining room draperies to a school board meeting?

    Asking for a friend.

    Shit my Pants Joe Biden

  4. Been hearing the clarion call of Death Of The West since Pat Buchanan was at the St Louis Post-Dispatch. Reality is more UHauls are coming in than going out. Don't let the door hit you in the ass cracker.


  5. Businesses should pull out of KC that way people can work in other cities around the metro. KC isn't the only game around there's plenty of places to go.

  6. Hey 7:44 - Hey Gramps, I believe BET is running re-runs of "The Jeffersons" right now. George Jefferson calling folks Cracker never gets old.

    1. And Tom Willis calling George a nigger was even better


  7. Looks like McCain Obama and Biden have cause a potential war between the Ukraine and Russia. Remember when those three stirred up a coup to overthrow the president of Ukraine? Biden has a lot to lose in the Ukraine so plan on entering a war if those two countries start fighting.

  8. The very reason that these kinds of issues are put on an April rather than a November ballot is to minimize the voter turnout, which gives them a better chance of success.
    And these clever plans by the same people who accuse others of "voter suppression".
    Just replace suppression with apathy and you get the results you want.
    And EVERYBODY pays!
    A vote of confidence for the McKneely administration?

  9. Voter precipitation is way below the percentage of Karen's in the city. What's the deal ?

  10. Byron Funkhouser4/7/21, 8:01 PM

    Burn baby burn!

  11. Manny Abarca is a godless commie and a non parent serving on the school board. The Latino community would be better served without his "leadership".

  12. Are you surprised??? Really??? if the vote doesnt go thw way city hall elitists want, they just ignore it or declare it void. So why go vote, this town is corrupt beyond belief, but then again its a democrat town.

  13. ^^Then move bitch. There fixed it for you.

  14. People who lose faith in the government stop participating and eventually leave. The housing market for buyers is improving, but listings outside the city proper go very quickly.

  15. Who would want to live in KC? Your mayor is as incompetent as Pedo Joe and Knee-pads Harris. There isn’t a Democratic state or city, in this country that is run efficiently. Democrats fuck up everything they touch.

  16. St Louis just elected its first female black mayor. Kansas City has had one since August 2019.

  17. Move to Belize.

  18. All it took for the e-tax to win was all city employees and their family and friends to go and vote yes. Looking out for their own interests like anyone else would. If the opposition couldn't get anyone out to vote no that's their bad.

  19. 90% voted they don't give a F--- or they have given the F--- up.

  20. It can’t get any worse, kcps is the worst school district in the nation anyway.

  21. See how well that plays for you as more businesses move out. Keep patting yourself on the back jackass.

  22. Dear Kansas City: Please turn over your school system to Gwen and provide zero in return to high taxes to your tax payer. Yours truly, Brooklyn, Illinois.

  23. Public schools, crime, murder and a woke failed city government have run businesses and people out of killa shitty, throwing the mayor and half of the city clowncil and dismantling kcps would be a good start at making kc great again... that and throwing the despicable dimwits out of town would help.

  24. Those who voted yes to the E-Tax either don't have earnings to tax or the tax pays for their jobs. Favors deadbeats with way.

  25. Patrick Mahomes pays no e-tax.

    That's just for you wagesslaves.

  26. I don't really care about the politics of it all. What I think is sad is that the students get lost in these conversations. Who is looking out for their interests? It's not just about power and money and influence, it should be about doing what is best 4 the classroom. I know these type of comments usually get shot down or don't really get read. But I'm just hoping we don't lose sight of what this is really all about, our schools.

  27. 1:33 welcome to the party pal said....

    look who just woke up finally, hey dummy, the school district has been shit for forty years now, matter of fact it’s been one of the worst school districts in the country. have you been hiding under a rock or something? Are you one of those blind Ive been voting demoncrap all my life morons? The demoncraps don’t give a damn about you or your kids, all they want is your money. And you thought they cared...... sucker.

    Oh well, at least you’re starting to see the truth now.

  28. WINNERS : Maggots, parasites and blow flies who breed and feed on the corpse of a city run by D卐M☭CRATs who think, even at this late date, in the face of the incontrovertible evidence, that you can tax your way into prosperity.

    LOSERS : Those folks working in the private sector, who drive to work through potholes, dead bodies, homeless encampments, BLM/AntiFa "peaceful protests", vacated buildings, shuttered business', trying to hang on to their jobs so they can be bled like stuck pigs for more taxes to pay for the scofflaws, hand outs, insider deals, failed developments, vanity projects all while reading the local fish wrap telling them that the Socialist Singularity is at hand and they are actually living in Nirvana.

    Song of the day - Rape Me Kurt Cobain (He committed suicide right after this album, those of you who vote for this shit, for these morons, should do the same thing.

  29. You forgot driving past all of the schools, filled with future parasites who can't read at a second grade level.

    Voting for Democrats is nuts.

    Democrats are a bit arbitrary with the meanings of words these days. They believe in the dictionary even less than they believe in biology, which is not at all. It’s easy to see now why they’ve been trying to make America’s youth progressively (pun most definitely intended) dumber for the last several decades. They’ve released enough indoctrinated, brain-dead young ones into the wild now that they can redefine words with very specific definitions to mean whatever they want them to mean.

    Or, more precisely, to what they need them to mean on any given day, especially when they need to cover for another sordid prison shower treatment of American taxpayers.

    Infrastructure is the fluid buzzword of the moment. President Puppet McDrools wants to spend $2 trillion in Monopoly money on a really neato choo-choo train and some other stuff. Just like here in KC!!!!!

  30. Chuck...the biscuits are burning.

  31. ^^^ Don't quit your day job.

  32. Bedell is the winner here. He has a contract . . . getting rid of him will mean either honoring the contract in full, or giving him a substantial payout.

    The guy will simply go elsewhere - maybe a warm city that's not in decay - and get another high-dollar administrative slot.

    The new regime will gladly pay him to go away; after all, it's not like they're forking out anyone's money but yours



  34. If the parents do not care if their children are disciplined, well behaved in class, do the homework at night then the $ Billions spent on the Kansas City School District is just wasted.

    It all starts at home; so sadly, the Kansas City Public School District will always be a disaster.

    Oh yes, the Marxists can always find 1 out of a 1,000 who is actually trying to do the right thing and parade them around on the news but that is just the usual Democrat Party propaganda.

  35. What percentage of the yes votes on the E-tax were municipal employees?

  36. ^^I don't know Maude. Did you call the city and ask? Why not?

  37. news flash.

    voter participation always falls off in off year elections.

    every 9 year old knows that.

    but then, consider the source.

  38. @ 8:21--

    "Liberal collapse"?


    Record number of people now identifying as Democrats while GOP backing slumps

    you're welcome

  39. Ford Forward4/8/21, 3:52 PM

    Liberal White Lady Pattie "Spread Legs" Mansur could not fuck enough men or women to win reelection. Mike Mansur obviously has not fucked her since the last kid. Nice bod but that does not mean reelection.


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