Kansas City "journalists" are far too timid and scared to offer readers a glimpse about the reality of the upcoming school board vote and so tonight we want to share a bit more background about a power player in this contest that's hasn't really been documented.

The basics . . .

Here's the group that threatens to seriously shake up the KCPS:

BLAQUE, a nonprofit committed to advancing educational equity to significantly improve the outcomes for African American students in public schools.

As a Missouri nonprofit the group doesn't have to disclose their funding; they have spent more than $100K in this election so far. Speculation contends their getting cash from right-wing conservative sources and infamous box stores . . . But insiders also notice that progressive groups like ACT BLUE are also helping the group push their election message.

The latest campaign finance document reports another 50 GRAND spent in the lead up to the April 6th.

Interestingly, most election dark money is carefully hidden. HOWEVER, Blaque founder Dr. Cokethea Hill has autographed every campaign disclosure and boldly placed herself at the forefront of this movement. 

Outsiders wouldn't be out of line in suggesting that she's the architect of this this election effort.

Aside from rhetoric, here's what we can decipher regarding the agenda of Blaque & Dr. Hill:

- Blaque advocates more charter schools. 

- If they win both seats for which they're competing, Dr. Mark Bedell will likely be ousted as Superintendent. 

- Some of their members advocate a radical plan that could basically dissolve the KCPS altogether or, at least, take nearly every school out of their direct control. 

The group has a great deal of grassroots support and their hope to repurpose blighted school buildings has garnered enthusiasm from a surprising cross-section of amateur urban planners.

But better than our summary, here's a glimpse at what the group has to say for themselves . . .

Dr. Hill offers her overview . . .

Urban League Prez Gwen Grant shares her insights on the political agenda . . .

Finally . . .

Former Kansas City Mayor Sly shares his hope for the future . . .

And so . . . 

Without much reporting, insight or analysis by local media . . . A smallish, low turnout vote threatens to decide the fate of the Kansas City Public Schools as pro public supporters tout upcoming accreditation and progress whilst Dr. Hill & Blaque advocate for radical change.  

You decide . . .


  1. tele-learning should be the future. Anything less is just people spinning their wheels.

  2. I vote for eliminating kcps all together, it’s been nothing short of criminal and has been beyond a crisis, it’s a catastrophe. The current trend of about 20 years now don’t teach kolored kids anything, they want them and the parent dumb and dumber so they can keep all the money for themselves.

    Make no mistake about it, it has been beyond dangerous what the despicable dimwit party has done to koloreds when it comes to education, worse than criminal, they’ve gotten hundreds if not thousands killed because they give them no hope of a future.

  3. What is really at stake is who gets to steal the most money from KSPS. Who gets the new Escalade? Either outcome the majority of students will still be illiterate when they graduate, as always.

  4. Then you look at the Royal family in the last couple of years.

  5. So have a chance to replace one group of incompetent self-serving grifters with another.
    Only the names change.
    And the kids, particularly those who have parents who understand the value of education and the young people who want to learn come dead LAST.
    Same thing, same way, same kinds of people.
    Same results.
    For decades.

  6. BLAQUE sounds like a rat's nest financed by a well known KC family name.


  7. I'm about sick to death of this racial equality bull shit. KCPS get almost all of our tax money and the white kids can't even go there because of the black kids. What exactly are they doing in the schools that make every black person say they want racial equality? This is nothing more than a crutch to be racist and cry for more attention and more MONEY. Hell they were even feeding the kids during the summer. What the F*** do you black people want? Get off black lazy asses raise your kids right, get a job, and stop bitching. No good ass holes.

  8. I hear Saudi Arabia has handed out lots of CASH to start Charter Schools. Maybe that's where some of that dark money comes from. Oh hell why not.... Joe gets his from Chy-Na and most of our crooked politicians......

  9. BLAQUE by self-definition is a RACIST organization.

    Quoting Dr. Cokethea Hill, "Our mission is to significantly improve the outcomes of African-American children in public schools."

    She DID NOT say improve the outcomes of ALL children.

    By specifically advocating for only some children, based strictly upon their race, Dr. Hill and those who support Blaque (Gwen Grant, Sylvester James, etc.) are GUILTY of RACISM.

    Do you notice how "EQUITY" (a fabricated political term) supporters attempt to use "EQUITY" as a battering ram to gain political power and capital for their clique? It's NOT about helping students, it's about helping adults gain power and position.

    Say NO to the EQUITY scam!
    Say NO to BLAQUE racism!

  10. If Sly is for it, it must be on the level. Right?

    He would never try to trick kc voters like he did with the streetcar, the hotel and all the developer giveaways he supported.

  11. How about a new school district that isn't operated by any blacks? This crap and failing of the schools didn't happen till a majority of blacks took over running it.

  12. Byron Funkhouser4/6/21, 1:07 AM

    Be nice as black kids age toward adulthood, if upon reflection, they recognize their education (lack of) was sabotaged by their own people, at the expense of limiting their ability to compete.

    Prob won't happen.

    So much easier to simply blame whitey.

  13. 9:15: In response to your post, yawn.

  14. If you can't even spell 'black' you're in bad shape, grifters.

  15. Michelle Obamas sperm4/6/21, 12:17 PM

    a 22 cal would shut her ass up.


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