The pandemic proved that locals can work remotely and, more importantly, that the promises of trendy urban core life aren't really important during tough times.

To wit . . .


Sadly, this is bad news for developers and so many politicos who hoped that millennials and the upwardly mobile would replenish the urban core tax base. 

On the bright side, so many gentrification schemes and speculative real estate deals rarely improve the lives of longtime urban core residents.

Moreover, the NEXTGEN moving back to the suburbs actually follows Kansas City history as our suburban pals often treat KCMO like a prostitute and don't want to spend the night or shack up together after good times. 

Meanwhile . . . 

Taxpayer subsidized developers don't understand how to benefit from regionalism whilst smaller biz utilizes tools like AirBnB as one of many ways to take advantage of local day trippers.

Here's the proof . . .

Bloomberg: More Americans Are Leaving Cities, But Don’t Call It an Urban Exodus

Money line . . .

"Those Americans who did move accelerated a trend that predates the pandemic: Dense core counties of major U.S. metro areas saw a net decrease in flow into the city, while other suburbs and some smaller cities saw net gains. In other words, people moved outward. Outward to the suburbs of their own core metro area, but also farther out, to satellite cities or even other major urban centers that might still give people proximity to their region."

Developing . . .


  1. kc leaders never think about the future. Look at the convention hotel. That's 70 year old way of doing business and we're on the hook for the 300 million investment.

    1. ^^^

      And yet it will be fine. Weird.

    2. ^^

      Actually, it's already losing money. Weirdo.

  2. Go4kc will be on here soon lying about how it’s not true, he’s one of those deniers you often hear about.

  3. I know lots of people who have moved out of KC. It's no longer safe. The Mayor is a tyrant who hates small business and makes sure everyone will be masked and miserable for the rest of their lives to give the appearance that he is doing something and that he's in control. The tent cities will be popping up soon again because the derelicts will keep destroying hotel rooms and the stupid tiny houses that will piss them off even more because they're all entitled pieces of shit who think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. KCMO is dead thanks to the liberals and BLM. Enjoy living in the violent hellhole you've created for yourself, libturds.

  4. But! But! But Kansas City is a diverse and thriving city! The troll chimp told us so! It has to be true! BAHAHA!

  5. Byron Funkhouser4/30/21, 4:57 PM

    Kansas City is circling the toilet drain just like all of the other Democrat run shit holes from coast to coast. People are tired of putting up with the crap.

  6. The toy train will save KC. Everyone will want to ride the hobo express.

  7. Fuck Kansas City!4/30/21, 5:06 PM

    We tried to tell you deniers that this was happening but you didn't want to listen. You'd better come up with something better than the e-tax LOL!

  8. Keep your thieving murderous niggers KC! Nobody else wants those filthy bastards!

  9. ^^True! Nobody wants Lucas except his trannie wife.

  10. At least KC gave billions of dollars in tax breaks for fuckloads of downtown condos where occupancy is lower than most metros in the US...and spent another $150 million on a train that goes one mile. Myself and most people I know grew up in KCMO proper and moved to JOCO as soon as we grew up and never looked back. I feel bad for my parents though since they're still living there dealing with shitty roads, bike lanes no one uses, and urban outdoorsmen lurking everywhere

  11. I left the Kansas City clown town in June of last year. It was in the shitter then and has done nothing but go downhill since.

  12. ^^^Not even HE wants Lucas!!!

  13. Byron Funkhouser4/30/21, 6:37 PM

  14. What a disgusting post.

    I see my online handle used and I will not be baited by you people.

    What is obvious is that this blog and its readers absolutely hate Kansas City and the progress we've made.

    Mayor James laid the framework and mayor Lucas is keeping KC safe.

    We are getting ready for a historic reopen that's already underway. Too bad the deplorable people who read this blog are rooting against us. You will not prevail, the people of Kansas City will!

  15. I did not make the post at 7:00

  16. Psst 7:00! KC is a major shithole!

  17. Go4KC is a major shithead LOL!

  18. Most of these make-believe "trends" of demographics and the economy are created by "urban futurists" and consultants who have to constantly come up with something new to keep up the sales of their latest book and push up their consulting fees.
    So they race around the country looking for clueless municipal electeds, and there are always plenty in KCMO, to buy into their latest ideas or risk "being left behind".
    So for a couple years the "creative class" and millenials are all going to move into urban areas and density, multi-family housing, mass transit, bicycle lanes, and all the rest become the big big ideas.
    Then people decide they really want individual homes with yards for the kids, good schools, and safe neighborhoods, and the exodus starts.
    Just like men's ties, which get narrow and then wide, people's taste and preferences change.
    But unlike ties, of which style changes may cost just $35+, huge taxpayer subsidies of buildings and infrastructure in one trendy direction are left stranded when a nifty new "idea" comes along.
    Exhibit A?
    KCMO downtown.

  19. Bi-Ron and Weird are back in force. A hundred 5 word replies a day without substance. Armchair Sloths can type.

  20. Those idealistic millennials who moved to the urban core now have school aged kids and everything is changing. KCMO Schools - ZERO education, 1000 times more dangerous than Covid and we shut down the country for Covid. Defud the cops - They are already afraid to go out at night. Take away the cops and off to the suburbs. BLM protests - How long until they are burning YOUR neighborhood because one of the remaining cops killed somebody committing murder. Out of control spending - King Q makes Biden look like a spend thrift except Q can't print money. Residents will eventually be paying for that. Homeless camps - How long until they building their tiny home village on THEIR block? Get out while the market is still good! Who can blame them.

    Bottom line - Lucas and City Council WANT KC to become the armpit that is St Louis, Portland and San Francisco. They are well on their way.

  21. 7-33 speak it brother

    Downtown been hemorrhaging jobs in direct proportion to municipal debt taken on for all the subsidized luxury dwellings

    I guess the urban planners who got city hall by the balls don’t want it to be a central business district any more. All about bohemian coffee shops and creative class

    Borrow hundreds of millions for a drinking district downtown haha thanks kay Barnes

    Let the roads deteriorate to total shit but hey look at the streetcar! Thanks mayor James


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