Tearing Down Kansas City Radio History

A worthwhile late-morning read offers a glimpse at the legacy of Kansas City terrestrial radio crumbling. At one time, former radio fans dominated the Internets discussion before bots and boomers decided to put their phones to use.

Accordingly, we share this old school glimpse at a distant past that nobody under 40 remembers:

Signing Off: Demolition of Old Radio Station Triggers Nostalgia in Westwood

Paging Wolfman Jack. In Westwood, demolition crews tearing down an old radio station recently revealed an even older radio station - or, more precisely, the station building's old tower transmitter facility, which dated to the early 1930s. The small, squat structure still bore the faded outlines of the station's call letters, KMBC, on its fatigued fa├žade.


  1. Walt Bodine had his ashes scattered there.

  2. With skyhigh home prices this should have been done years ago. Anyone that remembers this place in operation would be over 90, or dead.


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