T-Mobile Low Rent 3G Shut Down Scolded

This MIGHT qualify as local biz news even if T-Mobile isn't really a Kansas City company.

However, the telcom flex is worth considering if only because planned obsolescence is now part of corporate design practices and increasing revenue.

Translation: More people are selling junk and that's why consumers shouldn't feel too guilty about continued layoffs.

Take a look . . .

Dish is begging authorities for help with T-Mobile's CDMA shutdown looming

Dish Network, which owns Boost Mobile, warns that it may not be able to migrate millions of customers ahead of T-Mobile's planned 3G CDMA shutdown in January 2022. Boost serves 9 million customers, more than half of which rely on the older 3G network.


  1. Wall E. Weasel4/6/21, 2:14 PM

    Planned obsolescence? I have to disagree with you there. 3G cellular networks are twenty years old and use technical standards which were drafted almost FORTY years ago. In telecommunication terms that's not a dinosaur, it's a fossil.

    Twenty years ago you were probably using a dial-up ISP for your Internet access. Are you upset because you can't use your old v.90 modem to connect like you did back then? This is no different.

  2. my flip phone, that flips vertically and horizontally, is in the drawer next to me.


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