Sunday, April 18, 2021

Surviving Kansas City Gunfire

Perspective from the prosecutor's office about the growing number of locals scarred for life by the rising number of Kansas City metro shootings.

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"There is so much more that we could do for them," Jackson County Prosecutor on helping shooting survivors

The difference between life and death in a shooting could be a matter of millimeters, or minutes. In 2020, there were a record 176 homicides in Kansas City, Missouri. According to data compiled by the Jackson County Prosecutors Office, there were 612 shootings last year in which victims were struck by gunfire and survived.


Anonymous said...

Yep she is right, there is so much more we can do for them.

Like do your job and put people in jail and keep them there....why don't you start with that! Do what you were elected to do, prosecute criminals and send them to prison

Anonymous said...

^^^ +1

Unknown said...

Plus, they don't prosecute property crime either. So, what is it you do around here?

Anonymous said...