Survey Seyz Kansas City REALLY Stressed

Our 2nd favorite hipster mag reviews clickbait that's either written by a bot or a very crafty overseas worker getting ahead with some decent English skillz.

And so local journalism reminds us that arguing with strangers remains a really bad idea.

Posted mostly because we know that Internets denizens enjoy looking at old school photos of this cowtown during glory days. Read more . . .

Kansas City is one of the most stressed cities in the world, according to a lawncare company and spa science

The Plaza during The Great Depression A study put out by LawnStarter ranked Kansas City, Kansas the most stressed out of 191 major cities in the U.S. That's right, a lawncare startup is now telling us which cities are the most stressed and which are the most relaxed.


  1. Of course the city is stressed out, kc is having a major crisis with crime and murder out of control, friggin homeless losers shitting On public property in broad daylight and then there’s mayor mccovid and the fat fake dr doom and gloom wrecks with the continued shutdowns of everything and most importantly the schools, and last but not least, the stupid mask mandates.

    We can’t get out of this funk until these two morons get their shit together or get thrown out of office, it’s the only way.

  2. At least the city is getting a major marijuana factory at 23rd and Cleveland soon!

    It’s gonna be YUGE!

  3. We need recreational weed and coffee/weed cafes to relax. The medical card is a joke.

  4. Byron Funkhouser4/8/21, 10:25 PM

    It's because of all the damned Karen mask Nazis!

  5. I'd say our beltlines are over stressed but that's about as far as it goes.

    What I'm saying is that this town is fat as fuck.

  6. What ever happened to the local filming of Queer eye for the straight guy? Dudette catches HIV and then gives up ? Can't go to the plaza safely. Shithole town merges with Killa city. You would think everyone would love taking the ghost town rail downtown to score crack and get killed by the thugs we allowed to be set free by a person that can't do her job. Enjoy the rewards of who you elected. This town is a fukn joke pile of shit now.

  7. ^^Then why are you still here Maude? Did you know you could move?? Why don't you just go away??? Bitch.

  8. ^^^ 12 hours later.....


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