Survey Seyz Flyover Country Stays Losing

Despite a great deal real estate selling season hype, the big picture reveals that the Heartland isn't exactly in demand.

Skeptics might blame the pandemic or Prez Trump census limits but the numbers are worth considering for younger families and workers with careers that could take them other places.

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KC Biz Journal: Kansas, Missouri rank among slowest-growing U.S. states


"Although the results of Monday's first 2020 Census results, called apportionment, are intriguing to the political class, the news for the 37 states not directly affected is in the underlying numbers. Missouri, which lost one seat in the U.S. House of Representatives after the 2010 Census, continues to see its population grow - just not particularly quickly.

Then again to be fair, the census tried but didn't come close to counting all of our undocumented/illegal alien/dreamer friends.

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  1. The Brownback/Parson's Neoliberal litmus test dropped like a turd

  2. ^^^ the two most murderous cities in the country with the two worst school districts in the country are holding Missouri back, getting rid of kc and Stl would provide Michaels for the state.

    Kansas is farmland run by granny no clue governor with sharice sitting bull dyke, need I say more?

  3. ^^^ Miracles... I have know idea where Michael came from, stupid iPhone.

  4. This is excellent news. It means we don't have to deal with an influx of wokies from California, New York, etc.

    Legal immigration from leftist states - to places like Texas - is a far bigger threat than illegals from Mexico.

    I'd gladly support citizenship to 12 million Hispanics . . . as long as we could export 12 million urban liberals to other countries (China, Turkey, Russia, Iran, the moon . . . location doesn't matter).

    Of course . . . not even the moon would want them.

  5. Slowest growing - but they are growing unlike CA, NY, and other progressive shitholes. So long gayboys.

  6. Yeah. I like Missouri the way it is. Don't need millenials to ruin it like they are starting to ruin Texas.

  7. Surely these people didn't consider the fact that KCMO has THE streetcar and heavily-subsidized Three Light is about to be built.
    How can sophisticated millenials and creatives resist moving, not only to Missouri, but to diverse energetic downtown KCMO?
    Maybe some of the 25 million tourists will decide to stay!

  8. Kansas City does offer the scent of sewer and water that tastes like battery acid. At least we have that going for us !

  9. That is great news. Just keep flying over and leave us alone.

  10. Hey, don't knock the illegals. They do all of the hard work that lazy Americans don't want to do. They roof our houses, install our carpet, pick our fruit, paint our houses, and fuck/rape all of the neurotic, drug-using white sluts from Prairie Village that no white man wants to get a disease from. The Pedros do all of the truly dirty work, and take all of the risks, in each of these endeavors.


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