Super Bowl FAIL Served As Life Lesson For Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes

Here's a nice sentiment only spoken by losers . . . Read more:

Patrick Mahomes believes Super Bowl loss helped more than a victory

As the rest of the NFL world watched quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs fall in Super Bowl LV, there was likely some feelings of relief. Opposing players finally saw a weakness in a team that looked unbeatable for two seasons and witnessed the league's best player look mortal for once in his young career.


  1. The Chiefs and Mahomes embarrassed themselves.

    Tom Brady (GOAT) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers destroyed them.

  2. The Chiefs had to use heavyset janitors from Arrowhead as offensive linemen in the SB because of injuries. No shame there.

  3. But, next post will be how he is the greatest family man ever. Best child, Best baby momma, etc.


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