Stop Using 'Latinx' It's Silly & Unpopular

Quick fact check and a big part of the  reason the Democratic Party actually lost a bit of ground in Congress despite the push back against former Prez Trump . . .

Medium: Progressive Latino pollster: 98% of Latinos do not identify with “Latinx” label

Sadly, the cowtown biz class didn't get the memo . . .

Pop-up spotlights Latinx + Chicanx makers and culture with plans to expand ahead

Aromas of authentic Mexican tacos and quesadillas greeted visitors at the Latinx + Chicanx Vendors, Makers and Artists Pop-Up Event hosted by the Latino Arts Foundation this past Saturday. "It energizes me to watch these entrepreneurs get that visibility," Munoz shared.


  1. Lati X is stupid. It should be illegal alienx

  2. Good insights. I may stop calling you Tonyx.

  3. LATINX, a labeling attempt, imposed from the elitist White Liberal Democratic Party leadership, failed because the Hispanic/Latino community recognized the subversion of their strong-family, strong-faith, strong-work ethic heritage.

    Unfortunately, the Black community continually falls victim to the same group hijacking their heritage. Colored, Negro, Black, African-American, they still haven't agreed on what to call themselves. Kwanzaa, African-centered education, inclusion/diversity, institutional racism, reparations, quotas, etc., it's all about keeping Blacks segregated, oppressed, and floundering in the throes of permanent victimhood. And it's the White Liberal elitist Democratic Party leadership along with those within the Black community who have sold out their brethren to advance themselves at others expense.

  4. How does the LatnX Community feel about the label "Beanersx"?

  5. ^^I guess about the same way you feel about "twink". Am I right or what?

  6. Kathy Quinn is LatinX!

    I know it coz I seen it on teevee.

  7. Call them what they are ILLEGAL TACO BENDERS

  8. Rapists and gang bangers.

  9. Border jumping beans.


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