Special Election Postscript: Low Turnout Voters Love Kansas City Taxes

An EXCEPTIONAL report featuring a renowned local prof attempts to explain this town's penchant for spiking the cost of living.

Agree or disagree with current free money giveaways economic tactics, this perspective is worthy of consideration . . .

What Tuesday's election results show about consumer confidence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The results of Tuesday's elections across Missouri have economists feeling optimistic. From Claycomo to Grandview and Blue Springs to Kansas City, voters in just about every municipality approved a new tax or renewed an existing tax.


  1. Unfortunately only members of the free sh-t army vote. They are not paying the tax.

  2. Diogenes Jr.4/8/21, 3:40 PM

    The Magazine mailed to KC Residents outlining the City's plans for spending the E-Tax now that it had been approved by the voters arrived today, two days after the Election.

    If you have ever had any experience with producing or distributing printed materials you will know that two days is certainlynot enough time for anyone to have prepared and mailed this slick publication later than last Friday!

    Proof Positive, if anyone was naive enough to believe that the voters had any actual input on this matter with their votes, that the City's Government was going to announce "passage" of this measure no matter what the actual vote count was, if there even was a count of the votes.

  3. there's consumer confidence because that fucker Sly James is gone.


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