Show-Me White Lady Who Mistakenly Believes Urban Communities Of Color Aren't Also Concerned About Rising Crime

One of the absolute smartest people I know sent this link that calls out Missouri right-wing politicos.

It's a great read and make no mistake . . . TKC isn't a fan of MOST rural bumpkin politicos who talk a lot of trash and represent po'dunk places that only serve to provide the world walnut bowls.

However, we realize that not every right-winger is out to get us (only 7/10 on a good day) and, in fact, the fight against crime is a place where both urban and rural people can find common ground given that the world is always getting smaller and nearly every part of the Midwest is confronting a horrific opioid plague that is quickly leveling the criminal playing field.

Still, the editorial is worthy of consideration if only to get a glimpse at the ongoing partisan blame game whilst Missouri's crime problems worsen.

Read more . . .

Opinion: How white politicians use dog whistles to divide us - and what white folks can do about it

St. Louis has earned a progressive moniker over time: We have Democratic-majority governing bodies, high-profile progressive leaders, and innovative, progressive initiatives. However, St. Louis has long been - and continues to be - one of the most segregated cities in the country. This deep divide is visible in our neighborhoods, schools, and elections.


  1. Noah Green, who went by Noah X was on social media and bragged about being a “follower of Farrakhan”. Turns out today’s terrorist attack by Noah Green was either a communist insurrection or targeted attack on Christians for Good Friday. Now that the media and Democrats wouldn’t be able to blame Trump or his supporters for today’s Capitol attack, and the death of ne Capitol police officer, expect them to drop the story like a hot potato. Noah Green or Noah X was 25 years old and black. And with that, the whole white nationalist terrorism squirrel goes right out the window.

    1. ^^^ and yet that story doesn't have anything to do with this one. Delete this comment TKC. It's spam.

  2. Democrats use the phrase “dog whistle “ as a dog whistle

  3. ^^^ Lulz!

  4. "When I asked why Jones was her last choice, she answered: “Because I think she has wild hair, and I don’t like to look at it.”

    This comment stunned me, not just because it’s preposterous to choose your mayoral candidate based on their appearance... "

    Oh so, as Sloppy Joe once said of Obama, that he's a clean well-spoken black man as if that's why people should vote for him. Only black people could vote for that ugly Maxine Waters do yes, Schwartz, appearances matter.

  5. I just read an excerpt from John Bohner's Memoir.

    It should be required reading, especially for Republicans.

    He explains how the Republican Party became the party of the crazies, & how Fox News is really the head of the Republican Party.

  6. Byron Funkhouser4/2/21, 7:03 PM

    I love to fuck animals too!

  7. Damn blieron, you’ve gone off the deep end with your left wing nut job conspiracy theories, you dimwits are all alike, fucking crazy, just like that murderous left wing Farrakhan loving, racist whack job at the capitol today.

  8. 5:48 just getting a head of your lies before they get started is all, another violent extremist racist murderous left winger takes a husband, father, brother son away..... again

  9. 5:48 By the way fool, it’s not spam and apparently you can’t handle the truth, because it is true and will be repeated by you sicko’s over and over again.

  10. I love when she quotes an anonymous woman (the quote may be real, but it's just as possible the writer made it up) and insists it's proof positive of racism

    "When I asked why Jones was her last choice, she answered: “Because I think she has wild hair, and I don’t like to look at it.”

    Really . . . it's impossible to believe she's never heard women critique the hair of other women . . . black, white, brown, yellow, or red

    They're beyond vicious.

  11. Angry Sheboon With Hair On Fire4/2/21, 8:14 PM

    A Marxist Jew writes a divisive propaganda piece about how White men are dividing the country. Same (((shit))), different day.

  12. NPR wrote an article at 7:00 tonight claiming they don’t know who the violent murderous left wing nut job that killed a capitol police officer today, they absolutely refuse to admit who it is.

  13. White people are often willfully misinformed. They believe what they want and pass it off as fact. When they don't know, they create whatever story fits their here.

  14. RACISM! RACISM! RACISM! A terrible way to live your life.

  15. We are in the middle of a cultural marxist revolution whether you believe it or not.

    Prepare for the (((red))) terror that is coming for everyone, yes even the brainwashed liberals.


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