Show-Me STL McCloskey Gun Couple Hyping Ambitions For Senate

These are quite possibly the most repellent people in all of Missouri and even our pals who love gun rights decry their poor firearm handling technique.

Moreover, this publicity stunt should make for the clever insults at the expense of these unfortunate house flippers but they're political ambitions are merely to extend their time in the culture war spotlight. 

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St. Louis Lawyer Who Brandished Rifle at BLM Protesters Says He Wants to Run for Senate

Imagine having the confidence to believe that waggling a gun at some Black Lives Matters protesters makes you qualified to create laws. Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis attorney who became an object of both ridicule and hero-worship for brandishing an assault rifle at demonstrators last summer, has told Politico that he has ambitions for elected office.


  1. Fuck Kim Gardner. I hope this guy wins and finds a way to torture the hell out of that black bitch.

  2. This guy should check with our local plumber who wasted a couple million of his own money on a similar adventure.
    Don't waste your and everyone else's time.

  3. Watch the video. The lady was swinging her pistol everywhere and even had it pointed at the back of his head for a few seconds. if your in fear of your life, stay indoors, lock the doors, call the police and go to a secure room with your firearm.

    DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF YOUR $15,000,000. (previously owned by the Busch family) AND SWING YOUR GUNS INTO KIDS FACES !

    1. You would run to your mom’s basement, since you’ve been there for the last year. Only cowards run. You must be a BLM liberal suck-ass.

  4. How can you be scared for your life and safety if your standing barefoot yelling at passerbyers, walking down a sidewalk, waving a pistol that had the firing pin in backwards and would not shoot?

    This was a possible overkill moment like Officer Chavin caused. Deaths over nothing. Just a big show of force that could kill someone.

    Both those attorney slobs are ambulance chasers in real life


    "Imagine having the confidence to believe that waggling a gun at some Black Lives Matters protesters makes you qualified to create laws."

    The above was written by Jamie Ross, a reporter for The Daily Beast based in Scotland.

    WTF? Scotland?

    Why do Scotsman wear kilts?
    Because sheep can hear a zipper a mile away.

  6. Chimpy is double talking again weird.

  7. 8:06 just be glad they didn’t trash my fence and yard and threaten to kill me and burn down my house, after I took out four or five of them they would’ve ran screaming and crying like little babies.

    Seriously, people are sick and tired of the bullshit from these idiots, one of these days these morons are gonna piss the wrong people off and there will be dead bodies every where. It’s coming, you’ll see.

  8. Imagine having the confidence to believe that waggling a gun at some Black Lives Matters protesters makes you qualified to create laws. Umm... Isn’t politics full of lawyers? By definition, they are qualified to create laws.

  9. The other neighbors stayed in the homes, looked out the window and avoided any issues.

    These showboaters are lucky their gun didnt discharge by accident and kill a child. it was Mom's and kids walking by their mansion.

  10. Yeah, just some nice lil ole moms and their sweet widdle kiddies.

    You dumbfuck liar.

    They were screamin' jungle bunnies!

  11. Well the picture shows the back of a screaming white woman in an expensive jacket. It was a bunch of protesters with signs, they had no guns. Just a bunch of walkers. Walking by.

  12. That pink shirt dude has a fat ugly wife doing the "I am a little tea pot" pose.

    She shoeless. Who is da primative person in the picture? Her!

  13. Imagine offering an opinion but not having had the initiative to leave your mom’s basement long enough to go hear the protection senate candidate speak when he came to town. McCloskey gave a good speech to the Jackson Co. Republicans last weekend. He was not repulsive at all. In fact he seems keenly aware of the peril our republic is facing and is anxious to do what he can to protect it.

  14. My only disappointment here was they didn’t make threatening moves toward the McClosleys. Stand Your Ground laws would have given them the right to pop a few of them.


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