Show-Me Senators Hawley & Blunt Rebuked In Favor Of Prez Biden Stimmy

Billboard rhetoric might be effective given how much people like money.

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Democrats slam Josh Hawley, Roy Blunt on I-44 billboard for opposing Joe Biden's aid bill

The Democratic National Committee is looking to highlight the benefits of President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus bill - and remind Springfieldians that their Republican senators opposed it.


  1. When you got it, flaunt it


  2. Well this is how stupid the democrats are. You can't keep printing more money. Democrats have no idea what they are doing and they think this is a good thing. What it does is collapses the banks and the economy we don't expect the democrats to understand that though because they are uneducated and have no clue what is going on.

  3. Thank you President Trump for the vaccines.

  4. Just your daily reminder, China Joe is the laughingstock of the Whole World!!


  5. Did China Joe Biden ever accept Putin's challenge to a debate?

    Thought not as Biden is a mental midget and Putin would destroy him.

    By the way, the picture of Biden on the billboard looks like a picture of him 40 years ago before he became a pants shitter and pudding consumer.

  6. ^^It's a current pic of him.
    It has just been photoshopped to remove the drool running down his chin.

  7. Nobody looks at billboards . . . unless they're hawking food at the next exit

  8. Oh,I don't know - I've enjoyed the anti-Trump Billboard that was in this spot for four long , dismal, mis-managed years.

  9. The simpleton dimwit followers forget that Trumps additional stimulus plan was held up by the dimwits for 8 months because they wanted bidumb to get credit for it. They so easily forget that they could have gotten this additional money as far back as 8 months ago but you know, stupid brain dead dimwit followers can’t think back 15 minutes ago so.....

  10. ^^^^ The dumb Trumpkins like @5:45 forget that the Democrats second Stimulus Bill was held up by the Republicans in the Senate from March till November. They also forget that Trump spent that entire 8 months repeatedly saying that the second stimulus wasn't needed, then flip-floped during the Election when he saw how popular the idea was.

    FACTS, oh Forgetful One! FACTS!


  11. None of this is going to matter anymore.

    Did you know that the president of Ukraine signed a declaration of war against Russia March 24 2021? This was caused by John McCain Barack Obama and Joe Biden when they were stirring up strife for the Ukraine people to form a coup and overthrow the Government. 100k Russian troops and 100k Ukrainian troops are all lined up on the border of Russia and Ukraine. One spark and we have ww3.
    Thanks goes out to Joe Biden Barack Obama and John McCain. They say ww3 will be in less than a month.


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