Show-Me Senator Roy Blunt Debating Biden Infrastructure Stimmy And Defending Republican Deficit Spending

Today the senior Missouri Senator took center stage in the ongoing national debate over EPIC government spending.

Here's a breakdown of the conversation . . .

Politico: Sen. Blunt sees 'easy win' if infrastructure plan scaled back

Fox News: Blunt - Biden 'infrastructure' bill should be 30% of current level, slams partisan add-ons as 'big mistake'

CNBC: Republican Sen. Roy Blunt calls on Biden to slash massive infrastructure plan to $615 billion

Raw Story: Chris Wallace nails Roy Blunt for GOP spending hypocrisy: 'Haven't you lost your credibility' on the deficit?

For those who want a deep dive, here's a glimpse at the conversation in its entirety . . .

You decide . . .


  1. Chris Wallace is a nobody so why is he even in the equation? He’s done nothing to fix anything, matter of fact, he’s causing an even bigger divide of the country with his rhetoric

  2. You are a retard. chris Wallace made a legit point because Roy Blunt signed off on Republican overspending when they were in power.
    I'm a Republican and am stating this, just for your info.

  3. Missouri will really miss him - especially when Greitens succeeds him.

  4. What Does It Mean to Steal the Election

  5. @10:29, It means you get to be the 45th President of the United States for four long dismal failure years, and then lose bigly to number 46!


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