Show-Me Senator Hawley Against Big Biz

A battle against corporate America sounds good on paper but has typically backfired on politicos throughout American political history.

Reason isn't a lefty mag by any stretch of the imagination. The Libertarian-leaning publication shares their perspective recent chatter from Missouri's NEXTGEN right-wing leader . . . Read more:

Josh Hawley's Dangerous 'Trust-Busting' Bill

Hawley's comments aren't surprising. He has previously called for banning such social media features as infinite scroll and autoplay videos, declaring them " exploitative and addictive ." He has also that when Amazon uses third-party data to understand how better to market its own brands, it is violating antitrust law.


  1. As the Libtards open up our borders to illegals and terrorists, pack the Supreme Court, and destroy the oil and gas industry, the Libtard media are worried about what Josh Hawley is doing to counter Big Tech's monopolistic power. The Libtards want to wipe out our country as soon as they can.

  2. Bush was a squish. He let the Democrats lead him around by the nose. Nothing he says would interest me.

  3. Josh is insane and a poor thinker. Not stable

  4. "Josh Hawley's Dangerous 'Trust-Busting' Bill"

    Josh Hawley's a Dangerous Nutjob.

    There. Fixed it for you.

  5. Poor thinker Not stable. Sounds more lie Chyna Joe....

  6. Dangerous Nut-Job... sounds just like Mad Maxine...

  7. Corporations need to stay out of politics as does professional sports. Unfortunately for shareholders some of these CEO’s have such huge egos they feel compelled to run their mouths and surround themselves with “yes” men who are afraid to tell them otherwise.


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