Show-Me New Sheriff Working To Answer Community Octry After Hannah Fizer Tragedy

This story is worth a look because it offers a glimpse at perceptions of police and community relations in rural America.

The tragic death of a young woman under mysterious circumstances sparked surprising voter push back against law enforcement from denizens near Sedalia, MO. 

The former Sheriff who presided over the controversial incident WAS VOTED OUT and the new lawman seems more receptive to community concern.

In other words . . . Democracy works even amid horrific circumstances.

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Pettis County sheriff pushing for dash cameras, transparency after Sedalia woman killed

SEDALIA, Mo. - The new Pettis County sheriff is pushing for dash cameras in all department cars. They got body cameras for the first-time last fall. Now Brad Anders says he hopes the cameras will help with transparency and evidence collection. When Hannah Fizer was killed last June, there was no body or dash camera video.


  1. Police killings have increased though cameras were on officers at the time of killing. I'm sure Pettis County is an Embarrassment for Gov. Parsons consider the Governor was a Sheriff in a nearby county.


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