Show-Me Medicaid Voter Rally Today

Progressives across the state marched on Jeff City a few moments ago in order to advocate for healthcare.

It's doubtful they'll garner much movement on the topic from the GOP dominated statehouse.

HOWEVER, voters did approve this effort and the election rights aspect of this conversation shouldn't be overlooked.

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Activists Rally For Missouri Legislature To Fund Medicaid Expansion

Activists from all over the state rallied outside the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City on Tuesday, demanding lawmakers follow the people's wish to expandMedicaid. "A budget says what we care about as a state," said Susan Sneed of Metropolitan Congregations United in St. Louis.


  1. Democrap "activists" demanding Mo' Free Stuff!

  2. ^^^ And yet even conservatives should care about voter rights. Weird.

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  6. The left discovered that voter initiatives are a good way to use their out of state billionaire donors' dark money to do an end run around representative government. Lots of cash, professionally run campaigns, free publicity from the media - that's tough to beat. A true voter initiative would permit only in-state money and a level playing field. But that would mean Tom Steyer et al. don't get to rule, so it won't happen.

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  9. Let them pay for it. If they had to pay for it and work for a living, they wouldn't support it.


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