Show-Me Luxury Resort Ghost Town Exposed

Locals are desperate for SPRING BREAK GOOD TIMES but the lasting impact of the pandemic prevents careless partying for the masses.

Accordingly, we share this haunting peek at dreams of relaxation denied . . . Read more:

Abandoned $1.6 billion Missouri resort community goes viral

It's scarier than a haunted house - and way more expensive! A spine-tingling ghost town of mansions in Missouri, which was supposed to become a $1.6 billion resort community, went viral on social media this week.


  1. Looks like the kind of "investment" that Lucas and the council would jump right on.
    All the "developers" need to do is to wet their pants over extending THE streetcar line past this success and KCMO would easily find $10 million or so to bail them out.
    Maybe a part of the new "affordable housing" scheme.
    With the $195 million coming to 12th and Oak from the feds, there's money to burn.
    Just get in line!


  2. Pretty sure Branson got woke. They let those Cali liberals buy Silver Dollar City and then all those idiots like Dolly Parton came in and ruined it with their cheap shows. It used to be so fun and the locals had their own shows. Now it's a glorified carnival widened streets and tons of traffic, crap made in China and huge road signs. It lost it's charm years ago.

  3. What's the fdifference between "Branson" and "Jurassic Park"?

    One's an Amusement Park featuring Dinosaurs and the other's a Book and Movie.


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