Show-Me Trees That Stink Of Love

Kudos to the hipsters for talking about the foliage that makes prudes uncomfortable . . . Here's the war against nature and Springtime awkward giggling:

Missouri task force wants to free state from the smell of... well, you know what

A Missouri task force wants to buy back all the stinky Callery pear trees in St. Louis. // Image courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden know that smell that's normally present in the air every spring? A Missouri task force plans to do something about that.


Anonymous said…
They are an invasive species and should be eradicated.

Hmmmmm, I support this.
Anonymous said…
The author seems to spend an inordinate amount of time sniffing ejaculate. Must be a hipster thing.

The trees are a nuisance though . . . thorny and grow anywhere
KC said…
Applies to more than just trees.
KC said…
So that's why some women kneel and open their mouths when close to these trees.
Anonymous said…
Weird Whippersnapper Weenie says these trees smell like Stacey Abrams' crotch.