Show-Me Abortion Debate Over Disposal

Of course this sordid topic has fallen prey to myopic partisan slap fighting.

And whilst it's fun to scream at each other pointlessly . . . 

An important facet of this discussion is missing: 

The fetal tissue research market if FOR REALZ and is ramping up now that Prez-Trump-era restrictions have been lifted.

And so, if we're going to talk about rights vs. choice . . . Discussing where to put the bodies as a consequence of abortion is unseemly but necessary. 

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New bill in the Missouri House would force women to bury or cremate aborted fetuses

The Missouri GOP, led by Rep. Hannah Kelly (R-District 141), introduced HB 431, or the "Safeguarding All Children's Remains to Ensure Dignity Act." The Act would, among other things, force a person having an abortion to either hold a funeral for or cremate the aborted fetus.


  1. Planned Parenthood makes the Nazi Doctor Mengele look small time!

  2. You lost, MAGATS. Get over it, snowflakes.

  3. ^^You should be a post birth abortion.

  4. Think of all the future street murderers we are nipping in the bud.


  5. Don't you just love the ignorant people who say " my body my choice?" Not your body not your choice. It's a separate life in there and a separate body and it's not yours to take or I should say murder.

  6. ^^and yet it is THEIR body, it's not yours, and YOU aren't the person to determine when life begins. It's not for you to say retard. Ignorant simp. Weird.

  7. ramping up? you mean going back to normal


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