Sunday, April 04, 2021


The upcoming Kansas City school board vote will decide the fate of Dr. Bedell.

If an upstart urban core faction wins, they'll quickly move to fire the school honcho.

If pro public school board members maintain their positions, the leader will likely keep his eye-popping $282,000 annual salary with benefits.

Either way, the fate of KCMO students at provisionally accredited schools is the last thing on anybody's mind.

As always, this is a struggle for power and money. 

A few fundamental facts of life . . .

Charter schools can more easily award plush contacts to cronies whilst providing better services to proficient students. The poor youngsters who can't cut it or bring down test score averages are then flushed back into the KCPS.

Meanwhile, whilst smarter people than TKC have shown a great deal of patience with Dr. Bedell, the progress toward accreditation has been moving at a glacial pace. Only COVID and lowering Missouri standards overall has sparked KCPS progress. 

That's the background but here's our Sunday story . . . 


I don't even know why I'm standing up for the guy, the jerk blocked me on Twitter but it's still important to offer some fact check about a ridiculous rumor. 

What's the best way to handle it???

I don't wanna do a screen cap because that feels like propagating the obvious obfuscation. 

Instead we'll simply link to the account of an online comedian who is picking up traction and thousands of likes & shares for posting a sketchy reference and what looks like nothing more than clever Photoshop.

First and foremost . . .


It's exceptionally unlikely that the top ranking KCMO public school official would be so brazen and silly to post such nonsense publicly. 

There's no confirmation or any other source for the suggestion of booty model fandom.

Also, the convenient timing so close to a crucial election draws suspicion.

Moreover, there's a really nasty racial undertone of this posting regarding "watermelons" that exposes the nastier chatter on the Internets.

Whilst we may not totally agree with his leadership and we don't think he should be getting a quarter million in salary: It's worth stipulating that Dr. Bedell works tirelessly for the KCPS and has always earnestly advocated for the well-being, safety and benefit of students.

It's ludicrous to think the guy is trolling OnlyFans accounts. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

More to the point and with thanks to KICK-ASS TKC READERS who seriously doubt that the story is legit . . .


Update, moments after our post KCPS called out the online joker via Twitter:

Even worse . . .


Instead, what we witness on this Easter Sunday is the gutter tactics of Kansas City politics on display in this upcoming low turnout election where only a handful of voters will decide the fate of this cowtown and our schools. 

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I guess you're entitled to one good turn on Easter.

Spoil sport.

Greedo said...



Save The Plaza said...

The outrageous salary alone is enough to vote for his opposition. No need to fake anything.

Anonymous said...

“Charter schools can more easily award plush contacts to cronies whilst providing better services to proficient students. The poor youngsters who can't cut it or bring down test score averages are then flushed back into the KCPS.”

What plush contracts? If they’re trying to convince voters that other much better schools are taking money for friends.... hey wait a minute, KCPS has been doing that for several decades, apparently they’re pissed someone with a better system for learning is cutting into their share on free money.

Also, this is like comparing going to a prestigious private school vs the worst school district in recorded history, if you can’t cut it at a better school of course you’ll end up in KCPS, it’s where they send the rejects and retards!

Anonymous said...

Teach the 3 Rs only, is that possible ?

Anonymous said...

The salary alone is enough reason to vote against him. Thanks for letting us know, Tony.

A-a-ron said...

We need term limits for superintendents and school board members, best way to improve the district.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the arrogance and stupidity of libs. If this guy is indeed found guilty then Tony is going to be skewered because of it. He's really going out on a limb for this guy and T's reputation will be severely hurt if allegations are true. Hope you're right Tony but prepare for the worst.

Vote Blue KC said...

^^^ Doubtful. From what I've seen it's the MAGA crowd like porn star banger Trump who are the real creepos.

Republican hypocrites always get their hand caught in the cookie jar.

Anonymous said...

^^ Like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Biden crime family, et. all? You're a typical lib letting your feelings get in the way of facts.

Anonymous said...

The guy running the Zoo makes $490,000 a year!! KC never stops screwing up!!!

Anonymous said...

^^ That's exactly where Bedell belongs.

Anonymous said...

People dont like being lied about. Especially big wild lies malicious lies, such as falsely saying someone stole money when they didn't. I am one such person and while the police refused to even open an investigation on me due to false statements and proof, and nobody believed the liar, I am going to get many pounds of flesh off that liar till the day he dies. And after he is dead, I am going to tell everyone he is a liar at his funeral! So think twice before you tick someone off by falsely accusing a good person of a bad crime. YOU WILL PAY DEARLY!

Anonymous said...

^^^ butthurt libtatd im guessing?

Anonymous said...

It makes no sense to vote against Bedell just because of his salary. The next superintendent will be paid about the same.

Anonymous said...

8:15...thats not true.

Anonymous said...

$282K salary for this district is RIDICULOUS!

Wall E. Weasel said...

"What's the best way to handle it???"

Show the tweet and point out why it's fake so people can learn and not fall for stupid tricks.

Look at the username which posted the 'watermelons' comment. It's @MarkBedeIl_KCPS. Compare it to the legitimate username and it's very obvious. It takes less than a second of scrutiny to show something isn't right.

Better yet, convince your readers to abandon Twitter so crap like this isn't ever an issue. Is there a more useless waste of time than that stupid platform? People could find out!

Byron Funkhouser said...

Voting for the best superintendent will improve student education in Kansas City.

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Anonymous said...

The Superintendent is an idiot! The Mayor supports him because they are drinking buddies. No school when all other Districts had opened. Only reason they are certified is because DESE lowered their requirement for certification. The guy can' even speak the Kings English properly - a really poor example for students. He cheated on attendance reports to get more state money. He's an embarrassment and needs to go but I'll be nobody has the balls to get rid of him because he is in Freedom, Inc's back pocket.

Anonymous said...


Does "Equity" apply to all races, genders, ethnicities, or is it only used by Black activists attempting to seize power for themselves?

Let's review the recent historical leadership of KCPS:

Dr. Mark T. Bedell joined Kansas City Public Schools as Superintendent on July 1, 2016. Bedell is a Black male.

Dr. R. Stephen Green was superintendent until June 2015. He was officially named to the position on April 2, 2012, after being interim superintendent since August 2011. Green is a Black male.

Dr. John Covington was superintendent from 2009 until his resignation in August 2011. Covington is a Black male.

Anthony Amato was superintendent from July 2006 to January 2008. Amato was a Latino male.

Bernard Taylor was superintendent from at least May 2003 until 2005, when the school board declined to renew his contract. Taylor is a Black male.

Benjamin E. Demps Jr. was superintendent from August 2, 1999 until sometime before June 2003. Demps was a Black male.

Clearly, we can see that of the last 6 KCPS Superintendents, 5 have been Black males, and 1 was a Latino male.

This is absolutely NOT REFLECTIVE of a policy of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Of the last 6 Superintendents, none have been female.
Of the last 6 Superintendents, none have been Asian.
Of the last 6 Superintendents, none have been White.

Anonymous said...

^^^You obviously don't understand what they mean by diversity. It means hire blacks, regardless of qualifications. That's all.