Roeland Park Updates Taser Rules After Brooklyn Center Tragedy

Nowadays, any police misstep has the potential to burn this nation to the ground.

And so, we can't blame po-po for being exceptionally cautious.

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Roeland Park police enact new Taser policy in wake of Daunte Wright's shooting

Police in Roeland Park, Kansas, said they have initiated a new Taser policy after the shooting death of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.The policy states that all Roeland Park police officers will "cross draw" their Tasers to ensure there is no mistake between the firearm and the Taser.


  1. In the future, I decree all KCPD officers will be armed with Nerf Guns.

    Mayor Cock Holster Lucas

  2. Police should only have tasers. It’s clear they can’t be trusted with guns. Leave that responsibility to the military.

    1. Kim Jong Un4/15/21, 5:41 AM

      Then let the military answer your baby mama drama calls.

  3. Pussy Park and Fairy Village a race to be Fagville.


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