Make no mistake, even the most diehard progressives knows that a "red wave" is coming in 2022.

Even as Democrats took back the White House, Senate and Congress in 2020 . . . Here in the Midwest the GOP dominated and the Democratic Party actually LOST ground despite having Prez Trump to play the boogie man.

And so . . . 

Normally, Congressional candidates get stronger as they go along but Rep. Sharice won't have that luxury in traditionally red state Kansas. 

What we hope is that this time around Amanda Adkins will push back against provincial Kansas political advisers and won't be afraid to show voters that she is EXCEPTIONALLY SMART, bold and highly skilled. Pretending to be a meek housewife cost her the election last time because the pose didn't allow her to connect with real life lady voters who aren't as simple as polling research suggests. 

Instead, in the upcoming vote she has a chance to run on POLICY over politics. And yes, there's a very good chance she can win. 

The only thing that can ruin it for her are troll GOP supporters who can't control themselves and will allow and inspire Rep. Sharice to play the victim . . . Another obfuscation given that the progressive is a member of the elite and truly successful and powerful young politico.

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KSHB: Amanda Adkins announces 2022 campaign, rematch with Rep. Sharice Davids

Money line . . .

Adkins formally re-launched her campaign for the U.S. House Representatives on Monday, posting a nearly two-minute ad that features Mike Pompeo, who served as U.S. Secretary of State under former President Trump.

“We need more common-sense conservative, female, business-minded voices in Congress,” Adkins said in a statement announcing her 2022 candidacy. “I want to represent the people of the Third District in Washington to get things done, end the gridlock and solve the problems that people are facing with their families every day. My experience as a business leader, mother, and community champion for solutions in healthcare will bring perspective missing in Washington. I believe the government’s role should be providing economic lift to a region, not furthering dependency on the government for generations to come.”

Developing . . .


  1. don't worry. they'll find some alt right woman to pretend to be a trumper and win.

  2. ^^^

    That didn't work with kobach. Kansas voters are smarter than that.

  3. Adkins is a mom! How could she lose?

  4. Maybe if JOCO would get rid if the RIGGED voting machines they bought from GS is how the deviant won. Dims love the Lawless one.

  5. Just a daily reminder: Joe Biden is the laughingstock of the WORLD!

    1. Do you mean PRESIDENT Biden ? The laughingstock is now sweating his fat orange ass off in Florida, waiting for those lawsuits to finally get him.


  6. Is Kamala Harris still laughing and cackling about the drug cartel's child trafficing being allowed by the Biden administration on the Mexico border ?

  7. I would like to have screwed that Amanda gal real deep and hard, about 25 years ago. Might get on her still, but I don’t care much for older gals.

  8. And many a chucklowe begins his mastrubation


  9. Look how stupid Sharice Davids looks.

  10. Sharice, blindly, follows Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer. She has introduced no meaningful legislation. She votes with the Dimwits on every issue including those that harm Kansas. She’s an embarrassment to this area.

  11. anybody but Davids!

  12. Please nominate this Brownback loser again.

    Davids by 10.

  13. 3:39-as says the moron who votes based upon skin color and sex identity. A Democrat moron. Guess what, dummy, Sharice/They aren’t giving you free shit you thought you were going to get, when you voted for they. In fact, you’ll be paying to bail out NY, I’ll., you like that.

  14. name something Davids has done for her constiftuents!

  15. Everyone knows that it's hard to beat a Lesbian Injun on the Warpath. Not like they follow regular behavior and values.

  16. Amanda Adkins will kicks the loser dykes ass out of the ring.

    KO by Adkins for the win!

  17. Amanda Panda does not have a chance. Remember her totally inept campaign in 2020...the one where she "forgot" to include her $5 Million family trust fund on her campaign disclosure forms? She is a lightweight who had a no-show Cerner VP job given to her simply for being Brownback's mule.

  18. She won't win unless the republicans get back control of the voting registration process from the google executive. Kansas definitely purple unless changes made.


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