Progressive Public Radio Exposes Life In Kansas City Worse Than Kenya

Don't get it twisted, this is a tragic story but it's unclear if alleged systemic racism makes this country so much worse than other sub Saharan African nations or even truly awful places like Puerto Rico . . . Or the Netherlands. #DutchHater

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What The Adoption Of One Kansas City Mother's Child Says About Race In The Child Welfare System

Samantha Mungai, an immigrant from Kenya, left her child alone while she went to work in July of 2017. This is the story of what participants in this case, and those who work in the system, say that parents who are Black, low income, or immigrants can face as they try to be reunited with their kids.


  1. Yeah I see blacks daily wanting to go back to Africa ? Pure BS.

  2. Assistant Crack-Whore4/2/21, 6:13 AM

    Dutch Hater !

  3. So the moral of this a responsible parent and don’t leave your 4 year old home alone? Anyone else not believing the work thing? No mention of what and where?


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