Prez Biden Now Hiring In Kansas City?!?!

Hopeful afternoon promises from the feds offer hope of economic recovery after the pandemic has devastated finances across the metro.

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Labor secretary promotes Biden's jobs plan as way to help Kansas City "grow and prosper"

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Labor Secretary Marty Walsh joined 41 Action News on Friday for a discussion about the latest unemployment numbers and a new sweeping jobs plan proposed by President Biden. Walsh, who was previously the mayor of Boston, was confirmed by the Senate less than three weeks ago.


  1. His give everything away policy will keep blacks from working so who exactly is he promoting jobs for?

  2. $100 million for 18th & Vine...

  3. Yes, because he knows all about destroying an economy, life as we know it and society in general. All so you can usher in a communist based lifestyle. I guess for those that haven't studied communist methods of take over, this is the best for a couch sloth confused on which bathroom it uses next.


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