Monday, April 05, 2021

Patrick Mahomes' Toe Approved

There was little doubt the front office would say anything otherwise. And now, like so many local 25 year-olds, he's going to spend the next 10 years attempting to recapture his glory days at Arrowhead.

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Arrowheadlines: Patrick Mahomes' foot is 'all good' after surgery

Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes Tweets He's 'All Good' After Surgery on Toe Injury | Bleacher Report Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes donned a walking boot with his Easter outfit, but the quarterback said there's no cause for concern.


Anonymous said...

Well good for him maybe now he can sell his cereal door to door given the fact it cost thousands of dollars because no one bought it an it had to be donated.

Did you know Mahomes is racist? He's just not black enough and that according to everyone today makes him a horrible racist.

Keep up the good work everyone and boycott these Anti American flunkies.

Mahomes thanks for ruining everything from the Parade to our city with your division. KC hates you and your illegitimate fam. Pure trash.

Anonymous said...

^^^got cut from the football team in middle school and never once got to fuck a hot chick.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you be looking for empty beer cans at your trailer park?

Anonymous said...

Confused about his heritage. May be confused about his sexuality. Michael Jackson didn't like sex either. Just drugs and boy butts

Anonymous said...


Q: What do you call it when Mahomes and Kelce go to Las Vegas, get drunk, and call in a male escort?

A: Tight Ends in-motion!!!

Anonymous said...

Mahomes doesn't pay the e-tax. That's just for us wageslaves.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence, his toe is approved, my hemorrhoids ate better.ife is GOOD!
Now, on to bigger and more important things. This ingrown toenail, it's not doing so well.