Overland Park Real Estate Pr0n Offers Sneak Peek At Golden Ghetto Artsy Good Life

Today starts the so-called "selling season" for those precious few with cash on hand. Odds are, that doesn't include any of our broke-ass blog community denizens. 

Meanwhile, here's some reassurance that poverty provides a great deal of company . . .

Realtor.com: Americans Hit the Brakes on Home-Buying Activity Last Month, Previewing a Challenging Spring Season

Translation: Following the historic lock down, this might be the year when wasting the time of frustrated real estate agents could finally earn serious rebuke and maybe even a glove slap.

Take a look . . .

This custom-built Overland Park home is filled with colorful artwork and smart features

Ted and Kathee Kramm have lived in Kansas City for the past thirty years. When the couple built their home in Overland Park's Farm at Garnet Hill, they were hands-on in every step of the process. This home is as custom as custom gets-everything from the geothermal heating and cooling system to the pool was hand-picked and tailored by the Kramms themselves.


  1. Oh come on man! That's George Jetson's lobby and conference room.

  2. Real Estate is dying due to rising rates. Inflation is alot higher than you think, that forces rates up. Kill real estate markets.

  3. ^^That explains why one house would get 75 all cash offers.

    House aren't bought by young people wanting to start a family.

    They are bought by "investors", & wanna be landlords.

  4. Topeka Reader4/4/21, 1:30 AM

    That room is way too bright to be trying to view a TV in it. They need some shades on the windows if you're going to watch TV.

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