Overland Park Police Payouts Exposed

More deets behind the scene of federal investigation and persistent news questions about policing in the Golden Ghetto.

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Overland Park Police Department Pays Two Officers After Troubling Job Performance

Overland Park police signed a severance deal with a police officer six months before the controversial deal with the officer who shot and killed a 17-year-old teenager backing out of his family's garage, a case now being investigated by the FBI for possible civil rights violations.


  1. The FBI is investigating??? How funny given the fact they are corrupt as hell. Why not just put moe curly and larry in charge?

  2. The cops were justified in shooting this kid. The idiot came blasting at the cops in his car and tried to run them down.

  3. ^^B.S. Watch the video tape. Cop is a coward.

  4. Moe, Curly and Larry are currently in custody for participating in the attack on the US Capital on January 6th. Turns out they were leaders in the Proud Boy group.


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