Overland Park Police Confront Exhaustive Dox Demands From Federal Grand Jury Following Deadly 2018 Teen Shooting

A legal hot mess is in the works that will require more than a bit of manpower to address and might provide even more critical deets soon to be open to the public

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The grand jury requested “all records within the possession or control of the City of Overland Park, including the Overland Park Police Department” in connection with the Albers incident.

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Federal grand jury subpoenas records in Overland Park teen's shooting by police officer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A federal grand jury was convened in November to review all records connected to the deadly 2018 shooting of a teenager by an Overland Park police officer. The city of Overland Park was subpoenaed on Oct. 14, 2020, and "commanded to appear" in federal court in Kansas City, Kansas, on Nov.


  1. Seems like the cop shot into the kid's car from the side as kid
    backing out of garage. Wow, big threat to cop's life. "I feared fer my life as the car backed out at 2 mph" idiot

  2. ^^^^ except that is not what happened. Weird.

  3. The teen shouldn't have been shot, but, this is getting renewed attention because BLM doesn't like the OP chief of police and the DA. It's just another angle to work for the next election cycle.


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