Overland Park Creates Crash Course

Our absolute favorite inner suburb endures ineffectual leadership in every regard and a recent traffic move has created a dangerous situation for drivers.

Take a look . . .

Overland Park residents concerned after city removes traffic signal at intersection, causing multiple crashes

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - An increase in crashes at an Overland Park intersection is making some residents upset. Six months ago, the city removed the stoplights at West 91st and Glenwood streets and eventually replaced it with two way stop signs.


  1. And they put stop signs up and the dumbass dimwit idiots didn’t pay attention to them, just like sharice wants her voters, stupid and uneducated.

  2. 4 way stops work better than signals. Accidents at 4 way stops are caused by inattention and failure to yield. Signals cause mainly rear end accidents that are also a result of inattention. Investigate the causes of the accident. Read the reports and then get back to us on it being a result of the light being removed.

  3. OPKS Traffic and others try to always enforce guidelines from the APWA, THE American Public Works Association, Headquartered in Crown Center. They will argue to the death (a citizens death) that these are the only way to do things having to do with traffic. It is the only way for their traffic engineer to win awards from the APWA and hang them on the wall of their cubicle. These people will staunchly stick to their positions rather than look at a situation with common sense. You can't get them to ever admit that sometimes their rules don't fit the situation. When they lie...people die!

  4. Everyone knows Kansans can't drive.

  5. Kansans get the Darwin Award for their driving abilities. Sometimes nature takes it course.


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