Scathing political rebuke from this longtime Kansas City journalist turned pundit/blogger.

The money line . . .

Jimmy C: "I knew this guy was a terrible chief — pays little attention to the East Side and goes out of his way to protect rogue officers on the force — but I didn’t know until today he was an idiot."

There's not much "news" here but a worthwhile glimpse into how progressive locals view the current crisis that's really just starting. Read more . . .

Police chief in la-la land and a step toward solving the problem of the homeless camps

The pace of news is fast and furious these days... Let's take a look at one negative and one positive.


  1. Another KC Star democrat hack attacking the police. Blaming the police for 80 years of democrap rule of KC. Should be blaming Cleaver.

  2. I stopped viewing little Jimmy C's website as soon as I saw in the banner he was reading that bastion of Libtard manure - The New York Slimes. Never heard of this guy and this guy never will be heard.

  3. Hey homeless, the contents of the hotelsmini fridges are off limits to the likes of you. We ain't paying for your $6 can of Coke.

  4. nobody cares what Jimmy C thinks

    Smith is an honorable guy doing a tough job in a city that has no leadership and is only interested in moving forward far progressive agendas with no regard to the taxpayers money.

    the city is swirling the drain faster and faster as the days go by

  5. But did "Jimmy C" offer the same opinion of Forte'?
    The same tied narrative without regard to facts gets old.

  6. Back in the day, back when there was an editor to fix your non-sequiturs and general writing fuckups, day-drinking was okay. Without an editor, Jimmy is, well, Jimmy. So sad to see.

  7. If mortality rate for the metro was 27.5/100k before the opioid and COVID crisis and genocide is 100 death per 100k then Kansas City. The only thing that compares is the extinction of 60 of the buffalo.

  8. Who the hell is Jimmy C? It appears he's just another lying, journalist (now there's an oxymoron) who, despite being canned by The Star, still feels it's his duty to provide Goebbels-level propaganda for the left.

    This type of lying is bothersome when it's someone who gets the support of the tech/social media oligarch . . . and can spread the lie to millions. In this case . . . not so much

    What's Jimmy C's readership? I can't imagine that (seriously) it's more that 20 or 30 of his cronies. I'm sure they all applaud each other after a new post . . . some sort of washed-up journo circle jerk

  9. ^^OK Boomer.

  10. @7:19

    You're only off by about 25 years . . . idiot

  11. 7:19 Got the fu*k knocked out by a granny in a wheelchair 12 years ago after he tried to steal her purse. Now, he keeps getting "knocked out" after his worthless comments, and he weeps and wonders why life can be so cruel.

  12. @7:28AM then you must be one pathetic loser!!!!!

  13. Ha Ha the millie retard @7:28AM tried to step up in the big leagues and got his head caved in by 7:38's fastball! Stay down millie!

  14. ^^You're just mad because your wife died and you're too much of a pussy to kill yourself. You're so lonely and pathetic! hahahahahahaha!

  15. Jimmy lives is a million dollar house, about 300 yards west of Ward Parkway a little north of 63rd st.

    His entire life is a tribute to the elite, managerial class, self righteous, finger pointing demagogues that preach to we hoi polloi and know nothing about getting dirt under their finger nails when working an actual job.

    "Even more unbelievably, he was going to share the stage with disgraced former Gov. Eric Greitens and the looney McCloskeys of St. Louis. You remember them — the paranoid couple who, on June 28, waved guns at a group of protesters who entered a private street while on their way to the St. Louis mayor’s home. Here they are, Patricia and Mark, the Bonnie and Clyde of Missouri."

    WTF? The "Bonnie and Clyde of Missouri"?

    Did they rob, loot, steal, kill cops?

    Fuck, fuckin no. BLM/AntiFa, Jimmy's fuckin heroes, THEY kill, murder, loot, burn.

    Jimmy is a fuckin liar, just like the the press pack dog apparatchiks that he worked with at the so called "Paper Of Record" here in this "dirty little town" where lies like this, go unpunished, unobserved and into the rabbit hole.

    I will give Jimmy credit for admitting that the scum bag terrorists that invaded the McCloskeys "Safe Space" were on "private property even as he buries the fuckin lede.

    A couple of hundred, scum bag domestic terrorists, bust down a fence, threaten to burn down your house, kill you, your wife and your dog, you take a stand on your own property and are pilloried and prosecuted/persecuted by not only the Kim Gardner (Think Chesa Boudin "on steroids") but a flack/shill/coward like Jimmy C.

    May I have another sir? Please!! More gas lighting, more lies in the face of the incontrovertible, undeniable, irrefutable video, please sir!!

    We all know, WE ALL KNOW that most of these fuckin bums, who live in tents are drunks and drug addicts. Sorry motherfuckers, it is the truth.

    They are, at this point, as a group sanctimoniously indigent. Do we, as a society, pity them? Yes. Do we as a society want to help them? Yes. Should we as a society let them blackmail us into co-dependency by way of tax payer funds, distributed at the whim and caprice of people like Jimmy C and the fuckin mayor who really, actually don't contribute?

    It is the actual working citizens of the city, who have skin in the game, not the ideologues and politicians who parasitically have driven us to the edge of this precipice.

    Hose these motherfuckers down on a cold morning and get them the fuck behind me.

    They are, with few exceptions, drunks and drug addicts and we should not pay for their fuckin life styles.

  16. Hey Jimmy, you remember me, my fuckin name is Chuck Lowe and YOU, are a fuckin liar.

  17. ^^nobody remembers you chuckie. You make no impressions whatsoever. The biscuits bitch...they're burning.

    1. And yet he completely dominates your monkey brain.

  18. 11:09 loves President houseplant.

  19. ^^You love dick in the ass.

  20. Jimmy pretending he's still an ace reporter and the rest of his crew from yesteryear stroking each other through their comments and trying to relive their "glory" days.


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