Newsflash: Higher Crime In Westport Coincides With Kansas City Homeless Camp

Local hobos angrily protested on city hall steps yesterday in order to fight for more freebie housing.

However . . .

The protest camp in Westport is sparking far more debate and now local merchants have started to complain about crime along with suggestions that the camp has spiked local attacks.

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Crooks target new Westport boutique multiple times in just one month

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new boutique owner in Westport says she's frustrated after her store was targeted by thieves three times after officially opening in February. Deedee Macklin, the owner of Sugafoot's Klazet, said the attempted break-ins continue to happen, even after she confronts the suspects.


  1. Maybe her President will loan her Major for a couple weeks? That dif5f is hangry for the taste of Democrat flesh.

  2. Assistant Crack-Whore4/2/21, 3:34 PM

    Plus-size women's clothing are getting stolen ? Are they being passed-off as designer tents ? Do they have one in Manatee grey ?

  3. I hope that her sister store, Stanklegg's Baffroom, hasn't been affected.


  4. Good she should go open on the east side. You people made your bed lady now lie in it. Don't call the police, you wanted to defund them remember?

  5. When is the mayor going to do something about the homeless tent camp in Westport? It is getting bigger by the day.


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