New KCI Hype Clip Imagines Embattled Airline Industry COVID Comeback

Fundamental truths: That meeting could have been an e-mail and the crucial face-to-face conversation might have been accomplished more effectively by way of teleconferencing.

Here's Kansas City's largest construction project hoping that Americans quickly forget these facts of life.

Accordingly, here's a direct link to the new KCI promo video along with supporting coverage. And to be fair, vaccinated folks have now earned their freedom of movement for the moment. Read more . . .

New KCI Terminal reaches midway milestone, ready to fly into the future

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two years since crews broke ground on the new KCI Airport Terminal, the project is halfway complete. They've removed 130,000 tons of materials from the site and added thousands of foundation piles and steel. Crews started installing elevators earlier this week.


  1. Ha, most people won't even be able to travel with the new restrictions. Is this air travel promotion a joke post ?


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