Mugshots: Johnson County Couple Arrested For Fentanyl Possession & Death Of Child

We pause for a moment to check this tragic story that reveals the ongoing demographic shift of the suburbs, the continued tragedy of the opioid epidemic and horrific consequences suffered by innocent youngsters.

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KMBC: Johnson County pair arrested for murder, child endangerment in November child death

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"Complaint documents in the case show both have been charged with first-degree murder, aggravated endangerment of a child, and felony possession of fentanyl in connection with an incident on Nov. 14 involving the death of a child."

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  1. Jackson Co, MO is going to have to annex some of JoCo if this keeps up.

  2. They're living in the wrong part of the metro, that's for sure.
    In KCMO they'd be serious school board candidates!
    Maybe even city council.

  3. Court TV hasn't yet called them as defence witnesses for the Floyd trial??

  4. They're not black. So you can hang them and people will applaud it.

  5. The truth about this couple that no one is talking about: They're transed. Inverted. She's a he and he's a she. Look at her. Nasty looking drag queen.

  6. ^^ Then according to the Media 24 /7 coverage, these people should be set free, given a million dollar salary, a star on the walk of fame, free college, endless excuses for their criminal behavior and a position in Biden's cabinet.


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