Motion To Dismiss Charges Against KCPD Officer Denied By Jackson County Judge

Helicopter surveillance over an alleged car chase sparked a tragic incident that has met with protester rebuke and police denials.

Here's the latest as the case goes to trial in an urban core political climate that no longer seems favorable to law enforcement.

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Judge denies motion to dismiss charges against KCPD officer in Cameron Lamb killing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Jackson County, Missouri, judge denied a motion to dismiss charges against a Kansas City, Missouri, police officer in the shooting death of Cameron Lamb. KCPD Det. Eric Devalkenaere in Jackson County Court with involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action.


  1. Another black "hero".


  2. Black privilege in action.

  3. And yet this is part of the legal process and police must be accountable to the court. Nobody is above the law. Weird.

    1. It’s true that no one is above the law (except certain democrats), but we give police officers the benefit of the doubt because we ask them to deal with the scum of society so we do t have to
      When Muslims were screaming to force Mother Teresa out of a hospital she founded, a Muslim Imam told the screaming crowd, “when you are willing to do the work she is doing, then she will leave”
      You’re nothing but the crowd screaming at cops but unwilling to do their job

  4. Are there any black Americans who get killed by police who aren't committing a crime, just committed a crime, and/or have a criminal record? That fact alone is staggering. Maybe it goes back to a lack of fathers or father figures in the home.

  5. 6:47 do you say the same thing for the three cops killed in the last few days when the murderous negroes killed them?

    Nobody is above the law amirite?

  6. Get a rope! We gonna have a hanging judge!

  7. Dead nigger. Nobody cares.

  8. It's not racist to hope a certain part of the population tries to be less intent on committing crimes and building a culture that makes that possible.


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