Missouri State Rep. Rick Roeber Resigns Citing 'Family Reasons' Amid Abuse Scandal

Follow-up and more deets on this politico confronting rebuke from progressives AND his own family.

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Missouri Rep. Rick Roeber resigns from House amid abuse investigation, cites family reasons

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri House Representative Rick Roeber, R-Lee's Summit, has resigned from his elected position as officials investigate claims he abused his children. The newly-elected lawmaker's adult children told The Kansas City Star Roeber sexually and physically abused them around 1990. They made those claims during Roeber's 2020 campaign and after he won his race.


  1. Another white, male, GOP, loser busted. What's wrong with these shitheads?

  2. Republicans just can't control themselves around children. Family values and all that, you know!

  3. Chimpy-weird4/13/21, 4:17 PM

    Yeah, I agree with 3:55. They need that close core family culture as seen in the Black kommunity. Family values and all thet, you know!

  4. I had someone make false claims against me for abuse. Easily proved false by careworkers. They were trying to blackmail me into giving them Power of Attorney rights over my parents. They will be paying for that crime forever- as long as I live I tell everyone about their crime and with the internet its easy to make their lives miserable. Plus I have told the police about their drug and theft habits. Oh and the IRS, yes I told the IRS on them too. Now who is sorry they lied about me. I have about 40 more years to live and will spend plenty of it making them sorry! Think before you falsely accuse someone for your own financial gains....

  5. ^^You sound like a horrible person.

  6. rick roeber's bow-out sounds more gracious than the conduct of his House republican colleagues

    the citizens of that district haven't had anyone representing them for a while. she died and the seat stayed vacant, and then he won the seat and then got shunned


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